Lloyd Wood - notes on plagiarism Notes on plagiarism

Do good work, and make it available, and you will be plagiarised. Some examples from my personal experience:

Artificial potential field based autonomous guidance & navigation for a planar constellation of satellites, Ömer Çetin and Guray Yilmaz
a blatant ripoff of my PhD thesis and a paper from Laura E. Barnes. This got Ömer and Guray banned from publishing with the IEEE for three years.

Detection of Critical Activity by Accelerometer and Gyroscope Sensors, Yelkovan et al. including Ömer Çetin
Putting his name on the paper violated Ömer's three-year ban, so this one got pulled too. Here's Ömer Çetin on LinkedIn.

Optimal Data Downloading by Using Inter-Satellite Offloading in LEO Satellite Networks
Those Manhattan and twisted Manhattan diagrams? See page 32 of my PhD thesis.

Unpublished works are a slightly different kettle of fish:
Digital Satellite Communication, Mohammad Alqam, Graduation project, Near East University Faculty of Engineering, 2002
Its entire chapter 3 (pages 38-59) is copied from my own masters thesis created at ENST Toulouse for the University of Surrey in 1995, including my error in the Pascal's triangle -- without reference or credit. Here's Alqam on LinkedIn.

And then there's Rhiadh Dhaou's PhD thesis, which copies vast chunks of the Bisante deliverable we put together, which includes my masters and PhD work... sigh. That man has no shame. Here are Rhiadh's LinkedIn profile and his webpages.

Broadband Satellite Systems, Bern et al., reuses SaVi renderings without reference, so I complained. But that was on-the-web publications before Surveys and Tutorials went more formal. Amusing how that 'Peer-Reviewed' in their graphic looks like 'Poor'... Surveys & Tutorials shut down for a year and reopened with a new editorial team; colleagues have since published in it.

Lloyd Wood (L.Wood@society.surrey.ac.uk)