Lloyd Woods' Newsletter

Our Claim to Fame is Our Name's the Same!

Issue No. 5, March 1995

Car Pool Antics

Wracking my brain for something to write about, I hit on dredging up 40 years' worth of experiences getting to work via car pools. These should keep the newsletter going for the rest of the year.

Several years after I moved back to the Washington area, the Navy decided to move us from Hyattsville, MD to Crystal City in Arlington, VA so the admiral could be closer to his beloved Pentagon. In self defense we enlarged the carpool from two of us to five - Sue, Lou, Steve, Art, and myself. Steve was an ex-Marine who still enjoyed looking at girls - even while driving. One day, driving through town on a highway divided by a curb height separation, Steve (the driver of the day) spotted a well-endowed, mini-skirted maiden who commanded all of his attention. Unfortunately Steve didn't see the bend in the road and we straddled the center divider. Took out his whole exhaust system!


'Twas a cold clear day in November with the wind kicking up a bit. I had to mail a letter and deposit the wife's pension and something else in the ATM at the bank. Mind must have been somewhere else when I mailed the letter - and the two deposit envelopes containing quite substantial sums of money!

Fortunately the box pickup was scheduled within the hour so I waited. The mail person turned out to be a real cutey and extra friendly. She opened the box and it was packed so where were my deposits? The wind started blowing the letters all over the place and it was turning into pandemonium! Finally found the deposits and retrieved the blowing-away mail and Lloyd's brief encounter with a gorgeous young lass really made the old man's day!


First off, thanks to Dale for helping with the stamps. Much appreciated. Thanks also to those of you who sent Christmas cards and expressions of hope for the coming year - we are going to need it. Although Mom has returned from the hospital she's a long way from fully recovered yet. (The sight of the house under my cleaning efforts set her back a bit. But I found a new home for the dog so that should help.) With God's help and your prayers I have faith we'll cope with it.

About those Woods

Had nary a response from all the newsletters we sent out to our plural relatives. Henry claims they're related and that we all spring from the same root. Orlando says his Dad told him that was the Irish contingent of the Wood line and that there was a lot of bad blood between the two. I can see why his Dad corrected people when the "s", I do the same. Another, who shall remain anonymous, says he lost his "s" in the Depression.


Turns out Orlando is from Sugar Grove, IL, just down the road from where my great-grandfather and his brothers were raised at Bald Mound. So maybe one of my great uncles is a great-grandpa to him - we shall see. Dale's line goes back to Orange County, NY during the Revolution, as does mine, so will have to do a little research there to see if further back we're related. My ancestor was the only one of many brothers who didn't fight in the Revolution. Guess somebody had to stay home and tend the farm. He married a Rudyard who descended from a long line of bluebloods and the like so maybe after the War he had to leave town. These wives will get you in trouble every time!

Good Humor Time

Henry Alexander writes about his grandmother when she was first married. First she used the wrong kind of apples in the pie. That was tolerable but then she put the chicken in to bake before cleaning it out! Time to return her to her mother for further instruction, I'd say.

Social Issues

Most of us are fortunate enough to have all of our faculties but some got short-changed along the way. It seems to me that, when we are judging someone either for a job or just as another human being, we ought to look at what are their assets or strengths as well as their weaknesses.

One of my sons is handicapped, resulting in his being very naive and vulnerable to those who would take advantage of him. So he wasn't well suited to being a checkout cashier at K Mart. For some reason or other that counts as three strikes against him even though he has many abilities that outshine the normal person.

He's been trying for six months to get work after that firing to no avail because of the stigma the public puts on the mentally handicapped. But I warn you, it can strike any of you at any time in your lives regardless of your family genes.

More Soapbox

Hillary's health plan had me horrified but Newt has got me positively terrified. As a retiree I deplore cuts in Medicare and Social Security as well as other pensions people have paid for in good faith. I do think though that our COLAs should be limited to increases the labor force is able to get as they are helping to foot the bill. We're all in the same boat and one group shouldn't get all the goodies so that there's little left for the next guy. If we could just get Congress to pass legislation that is fair and not catering to some special interest, it would do much to restore our faith in the system.

No Subscriptions

Some have suggested that I charge for this epistle rather than seek stamp donations. Only trouble is, once I do that I have to honor the subscription and the paper then becomes work. I'd rather keep it to issuing it when I have enough material to put something out at an enjoyable pace. Had enough schedules and due dates during my working days. Thanks for the suggestion anyway.

Along those lines I finally got my paper selected for consideration at the next Naval Architect's annual meeting. So now I do have schedules and deadlines to cope with again! And the first draft is due income tax day! So this will be a short newsletter.

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