Lloyd Woods' Newsletter

Our Claim to Fame is Our Name's the Same!

Issue No. 2, June 1994

Last Chance

We're slowly picking up new members but it's like pulling teeth. As one last attempt to bring in the recalcitrants I'll try giving them a stamped card to return. If that doesn't do it, they get banished to the unsociable list and may not receive future issues of this epistle (maybe they'll be thankful of that). Or I could turn over their names to my lonely cousin from out West who loves to call relatives and talk.... Maybe they'll take pity on me and reveal their middle names anyway. Come out from under your rock you guys, it's fun here in the sun! Where else can you get membership in such an exclusive club that's as cheap as this?

New Members

Middle names of those who've joined us since the last newsletter are: I guess we can admit those that have a middle name of Lloyd, as long as they're using it instead of their given first name. We also have one Loyd but his middle name starts with "L", so I guess that exonerates him. Also, we should allow widows inm as long as they still use Lloyd's name. Maybe we'll have to have a ladies' auxiliary as quite often it's the wife who responds (wonder if they'll let Lloyd come to a convention).

More Demographics

The average age of all of us so far is 61, and 52% of us are retired. The average zip code is 61405, but I haven't the faintest idea where that is. Closest one is Dale so perhaps we should hold our convention there so that nobody has to travel too far! Just coincidence but Dale sent me a letter with a lot of good ideas. He's definitely going to be on the committee if we ever get the courage up to hold this thing.

The 'most kids' honor falls to Gaylord with 7 (Lloyd M. plus 6 girls. I'd hate to have his wedding bills!) Most grandkids award goes to Garland with 14 including 2 great grand-children.

For occupations, we have (or had):

One of our members even ran for Congress so I guess he's the most famous so far. He would have made the infamous list if he had won!

Administrative Stuff

I'm grouping you by regions and will include a list of addresses of your namesakes living nearby (if MT and AZ can be considered nearby) on the last page. I suspect some of the mail is being forwarded and I'm sending out letters to old and new addresses. If you see yourself listed twice, please let me know the old address too so that I can delete it. This will also give you a list of Lloyds nearby in case you want to hold a regional reunion or borrow money from them. (Now there's a kiss of death if I ever heard one!)

Would any of you like to volunteer to send out the letters to your region and cut my postage bill a bit? They're all addressed so all you have to do is put them in the envelopes and provide the stamps. This will qualify you for regional director! Lloyd Garland generously offered to do that for California with its 20 Lloyds which is much appreciated. If we're flooded with offers we can always rotate the task so that more can run for office in this auspicious organization.

Lastly, I'm still looking for material for this newsletter. Anything at all about yourself or close relatives that might be interesting is most welcome. I'll even credit you so that I don't get sued in case you reveal somebody's indiscretions.

Another Story

Back when the kids were little I kept Shirley on her toes by periodically taking a new job - across country. The second move to California I drove the old VW with one child while she took her dented Falcon station wagon, three kids and the canary. We had walkie-talkies with ribbons on them for communication. About 10 miles out of New London I saw the aerial come out up ahead and heard "The bird got out, the bird got out" on my radio. Seems the only safe place for the bird was perched on the brake pedal. Connecticut unfortunately had toll booths collecting a dime every few miles. How do you stop a car and give the toll taker a dime without stomping on the bird or letting him escape? I don't know, but Shirley managed to do it. The bird made it to California but was never much of a singer after that. Maybe that's why you can't buy a canary at Woolworth's anymore!

Genealogy Corner

Sent off some genealogical data to a few of you that sent in details on your grandpa. Glad to see what I can find but have to know where he was born as well as his name at least down to the state (or county in England) level.

I have quite a bit of data on descendants of Edmund Wood who came to America in 1635 and settled Hempstead and Huntington, Long Island and sons who then went to Newburgh and Woodville, NY. Also have quite a bit on the Wood's that founded Woodville, NY. Some of them were involved in a scandal with Joseph Young of the Mormon Church while in Vermont and they subsequently tarred and feathered him when he passed through Ohio (Woodville there too). Fortunately, this line is no relation to me so I haven't been banned from the LDS Library data.

What You Told Me

Only two of you have the same middle name - Allan (the third, Allen Jr., spells it with an 'e') - so I guess you can send each other a Christmas card. Not much enlightenment on why we're named "Lloyd" other than parents or grand-parents although one of you said you were named after a local store owner! That's all right, a girl that worked for me named her first born Lloyd but affirms I wasn't responsible - for which I am eternally grateful. Made a good story at the retirement dinner anyway.

Loyd Lynn told me his mother came from a family of 12 children and 11 of them taught school. His father was from a family of 10 children, of which 5 were ministers! (Hope they were all of the same faith to avoid theological arguments around the supper table.)

Geography Lesson

Looking through the atlas I found there's only one "Lloyd" in the book - it's up in Montana. There's also a Lloyd Harbor on Long Island but the Canadians have us beat with Mt. Lloyd George in British Columbia, Lloyd Lake in Saskatchewan and Lloydminster in Alberta. There's also a Lloyd Barrage in W Pakistan and a Lloyd B in Queensland. Our most remote member (Lloyd Albert) is from Riverlands, West Australia which is apparently near Harvey and that isn't too far from Donneybrook. Welcome to the club. Imagine, $1.05 to send a postcard!

Youngest Lloyd

I believe Lloyd Edward is probably the youngest of you - he manages an apartment as well as drives a Salvation Army truck and is a janitor. He's currently also a student at the College of West Virginia majoring in payment of tuition. In spite of a number of accidents and stitches he found a very pretty young lady and they were married March 17. He says he has never been in jail (wait till he tries to get out of the house now).

I'm younger. - LW

So we're not all a bunch of over the hill guys after all! Congratulations to you and the Mrs. and may all your future troubles be little ones. I hope you'll name the first one Lloyd!

Homeliest Lloyd

Lloyd Henry Wood Lloyd Henry up in Quebec sent along a picture to start the homeliest Lloyd contest off.

Lloyd William Wood Just to keep him from getting a big head I'll add my photo to show you who's really ugly. Compared to me Henry is an Adonis.

So let's see if the rest of you can add a little variety to this. My scanner doesn't do a very good job but the copier seems to suffice.

Life's Little Problems

Ever forget to take off your glasses before getting in the shower? Or drive off wearing your reading glasses and not realize until you've gotten almost there that you can't see where you're going? If these things haven't hit you yet, just wait, they will! With those happy thoughts, here's your nearby relatives.
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