Lloyd Woods' Newsletter

Our Claim to Fame is Our Name's the Same!

Issue No. 1, March 1994

To Begin With

To get the ball rolling I thought I'd try my hand first at a newsletter. Mailed out 147 letters to all known Lloyd Wood's here in the States, Canada, England, Australia and Scotland. That's a lot of stamps and envelopes to lick, believe me! I've only had replies from about a dozen of you so far plus ten rejects from the Post Offices. Nevertheless, the letters were welcome and encouraging. The focus should not be limited to genealogy though, as a number had little interest in pursuing dead relatives. Now that I have income taxes out of the way and they didn't take my last cent I'll send this out to see if we can't whip up a bit more enthusiasm. For middle names we have, to date: Ages run from 90 down to 25 that I know of with most over 50.

That would make me the youngest. - LW

Our most prolific members so far have 4 children. I guess Lloyd is not as popular a name these days as in the past but if we keep having grandchildren at our prodigious rate maybe we can bring it back. Our champ for most occupations is Lloyd Garland out in California. He's been a woodcutter, carpenter, building maintenance mechanic, fireman, dry-waller, postmaster, and artist. Next time, if I survive this, I'll pass on more gems on occupations and fame. Let me know if you've been in jail or served in Congress - that should make interesting reading!

What's in a Name?

For a number of years now I've been getting a notice of a high school reunion in a nearby state. Each time I would write a letter or mark the card to the effect that I wasn't their man and that I graduated from Batavia High in Illinois, Class of '45. Did no good, they kept inviting me. This past year, in exasperation I sent them my whole mailing list of 148 Lloyd Wood's with mine redlined. Still did no good - these determined women started calling me on the phone! Pleaded with the lass and she promised she would find the real Lloyd Wood. What should the mail bring next but an invitation to "Silvia Wood" to attend! Now it's my wife Shirley's problem! At any rate, I hope the real Lloyd Wood will get to his reunion next time. Those women sure must miss him!


Had a note from Susie in Texas trying out the Internet - it works fine coming in but I had no luck getting back via Prodigy so far. Bear with me, I may learn how to cope with it yet. My biggest computer challenge is to get the monster to print the envelopes with the bar code continuously. So far I've used up a dozen envelopes to no avail.

My Favorite Story

My dad worked in the local post office when I was a child. He knew everyone in town and was a great lover of sports but was not too adept at some of the practical aspects. One day the other guys at the post office bagged a few rabbits and stopped off at the house to share their bounty with Walter. Knowing his innocence in such things, they decided to check on his progress after a few hours. He was doing just fine. The rabbit was trussed up by his ears with a clothespin on a clothesline in the basement and dad was busy plucking the fur away! Well, we made the town paper but I have yet to dine on rabbit!

Down to Business

Still looking for links to the name Lloyd. The dictionary says it's Welsh for gray and one library book said we were named for Lloyd George, the British prime minister during the 1st World War! Maybe someone can come up with a more logical reason than that!

Along these lines, if anyone wants to send in material for this news-letter, I'll be happy to include it in the next issue. My list of stories and anecdotes is rather limited. You pick the subject, be it daring deeds, genealogy, most colossal boo-boo, other claims to fame or whatever.

In hopes of stimulating a few more replies I'm going to include a self addressed card to those who haven't written (you provide the stamp). We'll never be able to hold a convention with only a dozen members!

We're Scotch!

Recently I received a letter from Lloyd Henry up in Canada with a copy of "The Ancient History of the Distinguished Surname Wood". This document says "The family name Wood is believed to be descended originally from the Strathclyde Britons." I read further that we were later banished to England, northern Scotland and Ireland for being 'unruly border clans'. Learn something new every day. This explains much of my parsimonious behavior that I always blamed on my mother being of German descent. Nevertheless, I still credit my English ancestry with my noble qualities of generosity, charm, good looks, ad infinitum. My Italian heritage, however, must be responsible for my four offspring!

New Ideas

Next issue I'm going to try out my new scanner to see if we can get in some photography. If anyone wants to send in their photo, we can run a contest to see who's the homeliest Lloyd in the world.

Should any of you want a copy of my list of Lloyds (for noncommercial purposes) just ask. I also have a grave marker listing of Wood's in the Woodville, NY cemetery for those interested.

Still hope to have that convention someday but I'll have to leave the direction to one with talent along those lines. Maybe we could induce Blaze Starr to be master of ceremonies! That should stimulate a bit of interest. So let's hear from all you cousins! Phone +1(410) 730-1596

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