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From egosurfing for myself in Google News:
Lloyd Wood of the American Manufacturing and Trade Coalition said he was concerned about trade policies that have resulted in more foreign imports, particularly from Asia... "Here we've got another of the largest producers in the United States having to adjust to the onslaught of goods from China," said Lloyd Wood... Lloyd Wood, spokesman for the American Manufacturing Trade Action Coalition, a Washington group co-founded by Roger Milliken, said, "Clearly the flood of illegally subsidized imports from China played a large role in the Pillowtex bankruptcy. This bankruptcy is a clear message that action on the China safeguard is needed this fall."... Lloyd Wood, a spokesman for American Manufacturing Trade Action Coalition, said the industry is expected to file petitions asking for quotas on knit fabrics, gloves, bras, and dressing gowns and robes from China... the petitions could have an impact on future efforts to protect domestic sock makers, according to Lloyd Wood... "For sock folks, this is going to be a big deal, because if the government treats textiles and fibers favorably, they are more likely to take a sock petition seriously," said Lloyd Wood... "This is a survivor battle for the textile, apparel and manufacturing industries," Wood said.

Socks. They may also be softwear, but they're not exactly the epitome of fashion.

"This sets a precedent," said Lloyd Wood. "We're just trying to survive," Mr. Wood said.
He's so quotable.


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