unprojected plot of Teledesic constellation

Drawing satellite networks - plot scripts for ns-2

part of Lloyd's ns work. Now at SourceForge.

These scripts allow you to draw topologies of satellite constellation networks with intersatellite links and paths taken by traffic on unprojected or polar azimuthal equidistant maps of the Earth.

These are for use with the satellite simulation functionality of the network simulator ns-2, as described in Chapter 17 of the ns-2 manual, or for use with anything else that outputs satellite and link endpoint coordinates using the same simple text format.

perl 5 and xfig 3.2 are required to run these scripts.

Download the gzipped tarball:
ns-sat-plot-113.tar.gz (124K), version 1.1.3, 11 August 2000.

development code: CVS repository

Previous versions:
ns-sat-plot.tar.gz (124K), version 1.0, 23 June 2000.
original unprojected-map scripts by Tom Henderson.

To cite these scripts when using them:
T. R. Henderson and L. Wood, ns-2 satellite plot scripts, 2000.

Plots from these scripts have been used in:

Plots from the original scripts have appeared in:

The example plots on this page show the Teledesic 288-active-satellite constellation (Boeing design) at a point in time. You can see the different satellites and two ground terminals as well as the different types of intersatellite links: intraplane links, interplane links, cross-seam links as well as ground-to-space links.

You can select from a number of background maps or even generate new unprojected maps using SaVi.

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azimuthal equidistant plot of Teledesic constellation