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Download Aqua, Hi-Tech and Gizmo
Kaleidoscope schemes, themes, skins, and more!

to the Way Getting schemes
Slake your thirst, and return whence you came.

Getting selective
The following schemes aren't junk; these were authored, and the care taken by the Masters of the Way and the attention to detail shine through. Recommended, on grounds of design and technical quality. The Masters of the Way have been known to hold forth on the mailing list, where techniques and improvements are discussed.

These are the schemes that you could work with, day in and day out, on your Macintosh. No unnecessary distractions, no obvious major faults.

Lloyd's Kaleidoscope schemes
from Lloyd Wood (
Meet Amadeus and a greyscale kaleidoscope.

Richard's schemes
from Richard Bensam (
Original designs, but useful as interfaces: Ozymandias, Ocean, Croesus, Banner, Argent and Dragon.

Sven's schemes
from Sven Berg Ryen
Meet Magellan, BlueBox (with funky animated demonstration), Blue Clue, Red White and Blue, Martini and WinterFrost Blue.
Sven also ran the handy Kaleidoscope Resource Page.

Bouncy schemes
from Neely Green
features the Aardvarks, Aardwolves, Boxes and Lake Veronica.

Scott's schemes
from Scott Naness (
Meet Windows 95 and Copland 7.

Quality, not quantity, is the path on which enlightenment lies.

These make your Mac look like... something else.

Calyxa's schemes
from Ruth Fry aka Calyxa Omphalos (
Meet Amber, Karishikar, Moonstone, Minara, Corundum, Tourmaline, the Prides and the DecoGlass series.

The path of artistry is perhaps not the path for all.

Getting sated
You may prefer to stay with the the really worthwhile schemes. The curious and thrill-seeking may wish to examine this alphabetical list of schemes.

If you cannot find the author's own webpage to get the latest versions of his or her schemes, there are repositories of stored schemes available.

for new schemes
These archives do not judge a scheme on its quality, but rather on its newness.
You can quench your thirst for new schemes at these places.

Recent schemes in the HyperArchive
from the Info-Mac HyperArchive (
Look for new schemes here first - but you may prefer to download them from your local info-mac mirror later.

Kaleidoscope Resource Page Scheme Authors
from Sven Berg Ryen
A comprehensive list of authors, with pointers to their webpages - but no longer maintained.

KSD Kaleidoscope Scheme Directory
from Dorian Weisel (
A searchable author-created index of schemes.

Search the KSD
A simple keyword search. Find the latest version of a scheme by simply typing its name, or find schemes of a similar colour.

KSA Kaleidoscope Scheme Archive
from Eric Reid
to KSAA very large archive of schemes, but not as complete as it claims to be. You will not find Aqua, Hi-Tech and Gizmo, a greyscale kaleidoscope or Amadeus here.
This archive is sorted by author and sorted by scheme.

Search the KSA
A simple keyword search, but not useful. Better to check their alphabetical listing.

The Japanese Kaleidoscope Garden
from Akihiro Norizuki aka MeNOU (
And you thought that the Japanese only planted bonsai and rocks.

Recent Kaleidoscope files
from CNET
A selection of schemes.

for older schemes
These archives contain many more older schemes than you could possibly want. Caveat emptor.

Penn State software archive
from Rick Campbell (
A single large archive of schemes that can be downloaded directly. As Rick has now graduated, this is likely to vanish.
87 schemes for Kaleidoscope 1.0.1 as of 17 December 1996; 1.4Mb archive.

Many more authors and schemes can be found in the alphabetical index and at the KRP authors pages.

Your Mac will never look the same - Kaleidoscope

Now sated with others' schemes, become creative.

Lloyd Wood (
this page last updated 5 June 2004