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The Kagi shareware Kaleidoscope colour scheme registration page

Here you can register Kaleidoscope and all your schemes in one fell swoop.

Register your colour schemes
You may be using some of the colour schemes below regularly. Regularly enough to register?
This list is not exhaustive; not all Kaleidoscope authors use Kagi, and not all Kagi-using Kaleidoscope authors have set up online registration pages.

Amadeus colour scheme from Lloyd Wood
You can register your copies of Amadeus online (secure)

Atlantis colour scheme from Andrew Bartlett
You can register your copies of Atlantis online (secure)

C-Futuro Justice colour scheme from Ed Deans
You can register your copies of C-Futuro Justice online (secure)

Catacombe, Coco, Pigmenta and Zobaa Zobaa from Ady Pratioto
You can register Ady's schemes online (secure)

Dollydots colour scheme from Roger van Erven at Quadrand
You can register DollyDots online (secure)

Newt and Nu Casual from Martin Pfeiffer
You can register Newt online (secure)

Platinum colour scheme from Quentin Hill
You can register Quentin's Platinum online (secure)

Purple Spider Eyes and Purple Tech II schemes from Adam
You can register the Purple schemes online (secure)

Scrollites colour schemes from Layne Karkruff
You can register your Scrollites online (secure)

Stealth colour scheme from Michael Thompson
You can register Michael's Stealth online (secure)

Register your copies of Kaleidoscope
As a Kaleidoscope user, you may want to consider registering.

Kaleidoscope control panel from Greg Landweber et al
You can register your copies of Kaleidoscope online (secure)

Register your scheme designing tools
If you're a scheme designer...

Preview Maker
You can register Preview Maker online (secure)

Designer's Studio
You can register Designer's Studio online (secure)

You may wish to look at other products that you can register through Kagi
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last updated 30 December 2001
Greg may call them color schemes, but it's spelt colour