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The Kaleidoscope scheme designers' mailing list

Or, Messaging with the Masters of the Kaleidoscope Way.

There was a mailing list devoted to the design of Kaleidoscope Color Schemes, where the Masters of the Way got together to discuss their favourite colour schemes, design tips and tricks, aesthetics and the art of the Mac interface, and make magic happen, as described in Salon's article.

There's now an official Kaleidoscope scheme designer's mailing list, which is high-traffic and low-content by comparison.

If you're only interested in using Kaleidoscope, and do not intend to create your own schemes, please look elsewhere.

The official Kaleidoscope mailing list is run by the people who brought you Kaleidoscope. That official mailing list has yet to begin archiving its messages on the web in a searchable format; these stuffited textfiles are the best you'll get.

Perhaps you will reach enlightenment in your quest for knowledge. What is the sound of one hand clicking?

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this page last updated 19 February 2001