1997 MacUser Kaleidoscope Contest

These were the winners of our Kaleidoscope Color Scheme contest. The five winners, plus the MacUser bonus color scheme, are available from ZDNet's Mac Download in our Kaleidoscope Color Scheme Contest Winners Pack. Of course, you need Kaleidoscope to use these schemes.

Winners were selected by a panel of fine judges, including Mac Download czar Philip Dyer, MacUser online editors Jason Snell and Barbara Bergesen, MacUser editor Andrew Gore, MacUser associate editor LaMont Ridgell, Kaleidoscope authors Greg Landweber and Fred Bass, Kaleidoscope scheme guru Lloyd Wood, and MacUser color scheme designer Tomoko Shimizu.


Contest Winners (plus one)

Stephen's Circus
Stéphane Sinotte

This extremely cute scheme features a circus theme with bright colors, adorable icons and some of the most fun scroll tabs ("thumbs") of any scheme we received.

Lounge Lizard
Patricia Lillie

This wacky scheme dares to draw outside the lines. It features assymetrical shapes, soft colors that are easy to look at, and lots of desktop patterns.

Anthony Kwiatkowski

This peppy scheme features big, bold lines and bright colors. It's a love-it-or-hate-it scheme, but most of our judges loved it.

Scrollites Wing
Layne Karkruff

This elegant scheme by veteran color scheme and icon designer, Layne Karkruff, features subdued gold and blue colors with his trademark wings throughout.

Project Blue Note
Mark Dymowski

Mark does more with varying shades of blue than most people can do with a whole 256-color palette in this scheme that features an exceptional 3D appearance.

Tomoko Shimizu

Mice, mice everywhere! Best viewed in 256 colors or more with Kaleidoscope's accent color set to Crimson, this scheme shows off the art and colors of our magazine. It features custom icons with a white strip across them so you can still see the labels, lots of cool desktop patterns, and a truly odd "up" and "down" WindowShade noise provided by MacUser's own Editor-in-Chief, Pam Pfiffner.


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