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The Kaleidoscope World

A guide to redesigning the original Macintosh OS, with the help of Kaleidoscope by Greg Landweber, Ed Voas, Arlo Rose and company,
or, more than you ever wanted to know about the subtleties of the Mac interface. As featured in Yahoo!

Download Aqua, Hi-Tech and Gizmo
Kaleidoscope schemes, themes, skins, and more!

Steal your interface: a history (Português/Español/Italiano/Nihongo) Leander Kahney, Wired News, October 2002.
How I learned to stop worrying, and abandoned Mac OS X, Andrew Orlowski, the Register, January 2002.
Kaleidoscope scheme (anagram) = seldom keep as choice

Lloyd's Kaleidoscope schemes
Choice Kaleidoscope schemes authored by yours truly, Master of the Way of the Kaleidoscope and Kaleidoscope scheme guru:

to a greyscale kaleidoscope
"clever beyond belief. This is brilliant... fast... compact."
   -- Ed Deans

download a greyscale kaleidoscope from here (6K, Stuffit 3.5 compressed - yes, that really is six kilobytes!)

freeware, clean and simple, simple and refreshing, and fast on redraws.

to Amadeus
"to Apple's Platinum appearance what Mozart was to Salieri"
  -- Jeffrey Zeldman, Macintosh OS8 Blues

download Amadeus from here (135K, Stuffit 3.5 compressed)

The Kaleidoscope Way
The complete guide to the world of Kaleidoscope, taking you through the resources you need to use, enjoy, and eventually create your own Kaleidoscope colour schemes.

What is a kaleidoscope, anyway?

Kaleidoscope 1.5 - one step slower than visual bliss

(If you're looking for the Kaleidoscope screensaver for Windows, you're in the wrong place.
And here's the other Mac Kaleidoscope.)

Lloyd Wood
this page last updated 7 October 2002