Java banner games

I am not going to surf around trying to find the right banner ad whenever I want to play these preserved java-applet games. Yes, Java is required.

Now that I've discovered bootlace and its Java Elite and all mixed up and gamelet banners, and, oooh, the the Java Spectrum emulator, this page is probably going to moulder. If you write java banner games, put up a gallery of your work like gamelet's, and tell me about it.

Java adventure emulation and Spectrum emulation bring back memories.

Norbert Kehrer's online arcade emulation brings you Ms. PacMan, BattleZone and more.

There are also Excite's java games.

Sun's own games appear to no longer work in recent java implementations. Wait, didn't Sun invent Java?

These third-party games still seem to work fine.

Amazingly, if you load all these game applets on the same page, your browser crashes.

I'm also partial to hangman, which doesn't need Java - but does need a better dictionary.

These days, flash is more common than java, and flash games like reflections really do the medium justice.

Scattered applets

In my pages:

and I also recommend these interactive satellite constellation models using the JGV applet.

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this page last updated 23 February 2004