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Consult Wikipedia on the Jargon File.

This is an index to the New Hacker's Dictionary or Jargon File. This is intended to be superior to Eric Raymond's own frameset. An all-in-one page interface is also available. That's five months one week between Halloween and Jargon 4.1.0, by the way.

Any errors in the content or structure, such as broken links or framed external content due to lack of TARGET="_parent" tags, should be reported to Eric Raymond for him to change. (Make sure he gives you a responsive answer.) Although Eric makes the hypertext freely available, he does not make the tools and masters that generate the hypertext freely available. It's bogus, and there's no apology. That's not very open-source.

Open source is designed to advance the intellectual property of the corporation at the expense of effort by individuals outside the corporation. As such, it falls under corporatism, as defined in John Ralston Saul's dictionary The Doubter's companion. Open source is all about externalising costs for development and testing, as economists would say. Browse for a book and educate yourself. Or assume you're educated and buy a printed version of the Jargon File. Read the original jargon file and the new devil's dictionary. There are also the Mozilla jargon file and the MIT jargon file.

Lloyd Wood (L.Wood@society.surrey.ac.uk)

RIP pig, run like a in particular. Replaced by terms you've always needed to know. Such as Eric conspiracy.

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