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Cisco Systems and Intelsat cooperated on a project to include an Internet router, the Cisco 18400 space router, as a hosted payload onboard Intelsat's geostationary IS-14 satellite. The US Department of Defense was the intended user. The satellite and payload were launched in 2009 and tested under the aegis of a Joint Capability Technology Demonstration, or JCTD.

IRIS is a successor to the CLEO Cisco router in Low Earth Orbit. Like CLEO, IRIS tested IPv6 in space.

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IRIS - IP Routing In Space
A demonstration of a capabilities based approach to rapid deployment of space systems using commercial technology, processes and schedules. IRIS is a first step in enabling the commercial SATCOM space segment to support Net Centric Operations directly.
IRIS is, at this point, an engineering analysis and assessment for US Strategic Command to determine the feasibility of incorporating a package that includes an IP modem, IP router and inter-satellite links on PAS-14, which was scheduled for launch in late 2008. The current design has two Ku-band beams, one C-band beam, and one inter-satellite link connected to the modem and router. PAS-14 is planned for a geosynchronous orbital location at 45 degrees East, covering the Middle East, Western Europe and Africa. A second IRIS payload on a to-be-determined satellite is planned for 2009.
The prime contractor is Intelsat General (formerly PanAmSat/G2 Satellite Solutions). Key partners are Cisco Systems, RKF Engineering and SEAKR Engineering.

The IRIS final report was originally scheduled to be due to US Strategic Command in July 2006. It is probably:
E. Cuevas, H. Kim, H. Esiely-Barrera, Z. Tang, and B. Ward, Operational Utility Assessment - IRIS JCTD, Report AISD-10-341, CSC01, JHU/APL, Laurel, Maryland, May 2010.

A presentation from Kay Sears, Intelsat General, to the SIA DoD Commercial Users Workshop in December 2006 included a slide on IRIS at end. There are some slides outlining IRIS at the end of the CLEO router in orbit slideset.