a brief history of Lloyd Wood's pages

This lists major new additions only. It's rather sketchy, but then I began keeping it several years too late; still, it's amazing what you you can dredge up from archived email.

Years from now, I'll be able to look back on this and cringe.

October 2017 satellite constellations using MPLS
I was told they'd never get built.

September 2017 rosette constellations - double surface coverage
they'll never get built.

February 2017 Light-emitting diodes for intersatellite links - LEDs4ISLs
A slow approach slowly gathers interest.

May 2016 Is O3b embracing polar coverage?
Well, yes.

June 2014 Satellite constellations
Well, yes.

June 2012 Video
Pretend you were there. Pretend you care.

September 2010 iPod shuffle redesigned
Isn't that cyan the default shade in Powerpoint?

May 2010 Intersatellite links
A personal technical obsession. Two degrees, ten documents, fifteen years.

June 2009 Madam & Eve archive browser
Braaivleis, rugby, sunny skies and Chevrolet.

May 2009 Glimpses into building satellites
It's all a part of the process.

July 2007 Saratoga
Collaboration with CLEO goes further and faster.

November 2006 University of Surrey wins Times Higher award
I can take all the credit... for the nomination.

August 2005 CLEO: Cisco router in Low Earth Orbit
Papers and articles touching on my work over the last few years.

March 2004 Twenty years in space
I was in high school at the time.

June 2003 Blogs
I am ashamed to admit that I have been making notes in chronological form, and reading other people's notes.

January 2003 fashion: good and ungood
To be honest, I've always had designs on the female form.

January 2003 received: mail oddities
Most of the stuff I get forwarded is junk. Or I just have no taste.

October 2002 SSX Tricky: a snowboarder reflects
The T-shirts sold out fast. Time to get something else off my chest.

October 2002 double-plus ungood
An idle thought is expanded into a dubious explanation in the interests of commerce. Literature and commerce.

October 2001 Building SaVi
Years after I first simulated satellite constellations with it, SaVi 1.0 gets dusted off and bugfixed. SaVi 1.2 development begins; 1.2 is released. 1.2 is bugfixed...

June 2001 2001: a space odyssey
my PhD is awarded and the thesis arrives. With a splash.

January 2001 Am I funny?

June 2000 Drawing satellite networks
perl scripts that grind through satellite geometry and use xfig to generate constellation maps.

March 2000 Choose your page style
Ultimately futile exercises in javascript and stylesheets.

November 1999 Car parking at the University of Surrey
A personal disaster provides idle amusement for onlookers.

August 1999 randomly surf the web
Stupid. Unoriginal. Pointless. But very convenient.

April 1999 a jargon file interface I can use
Why? Well, I still have a copy of the jargon file 2.1.1 on my Newton. I still have a Newton.

February 1999 a legacy TCP tweak
I intend to get around to looking at this in detail at some point, and I don't want to have to dig through the end2end archives for it.

August 1998 Young ISCA photographs
We're award-winning New Media Young Creatives.

January 1998 new University logo
Thoughts on the new corporate look were withdrawn once university marketing asserted its intellectual property rights.
But the pentagram remains.

June 1997 Satellite footprint projector
We begin to receive requests for help in pointing dishes to receive satellite television. We continue to ignore those requests.

January 1997 Eggheadz
Dilbert got there first. I think Dave is still selling limited editions.

December 1996 The Kaleidoscope Way
Macintosh interface hacking. You'd think I'd have learned my lesson from the screensavers.

November 1996 Spacesearch
A bright idea, back when search engines indexed a lot of the web reliably. It's proven quite useful since, but not as originally intended. We didn't IPO.

November 1996 Lloyd's publications
I simply couldn't think of anything else to do with it, so I put my masters thesis online. This simple maxim explains a surprisingly large amount of the web's content.

June 1996 Search Surrey
There is no reliable official way to search the University's webservers, so I step into the breach with a set of Altavista and Infoseek forms that later mutate into an application of Spacesearch. Several years on, there is still no reliable official way to search the University's webservers.

February 1996 Communications Decency Act protest
Free speech was fashionable back then. These days the web's not about free speech; it's merely about making money.

December 1995 Lloyd's satellite constellations
a single page listing information on Iridium debuts back before any constellation operator has a website, and slowly grows into something of an obsession. Rather like watching the ongoing death of Iridium.

March 1995 Integration of UMTS and B-ISDN - does anyone care?
Enthralled by the unlimited potential of this new medium, I webify an essay before submitting it. And get an A. But not, I suspect, for imagination.

November 1994 Lloyd's screensavers
My Macintosh screensaver FAQ is updated for the last time and left to rot.

October 1994 Lloyd's home page
I arrive in Surrey. The webserver has been running since March. Goodbye usenet; hello, world.

Lloyd Wood (L.Wood@society.surrey.ac.uk)