Lloyd Wood, wit and raconteur

Am I funny? I think I'm hilarious - people laugh at me all the time - but I'm such an academic that my lame President Bush computing jokes have to get peer-reviewed for the rec.humor.funny newsgroup.

My jokes have to be approved by someone. If they thought it funny enough to be worth selecting to archive, it might be worth mentioning here. There's nothing worse than a webpage considered funny by its author, and only its author. I've had peer review and third-party publication. I can point you at webpages considered funny by other people.

I made predictions for 1999. I was so right about jwz. And so wrong about most everything else.

I have strongly-held opinions on Wired. Especially now I've been mentioned in Wired. It's not that good. It's not all that surprising. In short, Wired sucks. Denouncing the wired zeitgeist with hindsight is so easy to do. In the UK, NtK is the closest we'll ever get to a local version of Wired. It's not that good. It's not all that surprising, once you know NtK's origins. Help NtK out. Send NtK some decent jokes that their deplorable taste won't prevent them from using. Please.

I have apparently previously expressed views on religion while correcting the BOFH.

Oh, I also contributed quotes and suggestions to Ditherati.

At a rate of an item worth listing here about once every three years, I'm probably not funny at all. Even though I did get to star in my own cartoon. And what the contents of this page says about my peers and my own post-thesis-submission and pre-examination insecurities disturbs me. Deeply.

Not as deeply as my bad Borg jokes, though.

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created 11 January 2001