++ungood; exhibited
the art gallery

11. Title: ++Ungood;.
Concept by: Lloyd Wood.
White ink on black Gildan Ultra shirt, October 2002.  
Another deceptively simple concept which actually took ages to do, partly because the NTK reader who came up with it had some "interesting" ideas of how it should be designed (and, at one point, suggested a combination of italics and bold text "like The Guardian logo" or, if that wasn't possible, "the font they use in Rizla ads"). Just in case it's not immediately apparent, if you have a variable in the computer language C (or C++) and put "++" in front of it, that adds 1 to its value, while at the same time turning it from Orwell's "ungood" into an even more 1984-ish "doubleplusungood" in our example here. Either way, this one was surprisingly popular, prompting Lloyd to suggest a complementary ++good; ladies' version (in black on white). Lloyd claimed that the only couple he knew who bought the complete "His and Hers" set subsequently split up, though it's never been established whether the shirts themselves were specifically to blame.  
Available in M, XL, XXL (£10) - ask at the gift store for details.
From despair to leisurewear: NTK - the T-shirt years,
Access Space, Sidney Street, Sheffield, October 2003.
later: Karen McCarthy's My T-shirt says installation,
London Word Festival, May 2009.
NTKmart: the T-shirt years, archived.