Delay-Tolerant Networking work:
Saratoga Bundle Protocol work Interplanetary Internet work HTTP-DTN

Interplanetary Internet work
Work done with colleagues at NASA Glenn Research Center and Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd.
Experimental work on delay-tolerant networking.

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IP on Mars.

We have done considerable work in testing the Internet in space.

With the CLEO Cisco router in Low Earth Orbit, we demonstrated use of the Internet Protocol in space and integration with the terrestrial Internet. We are the first to test IPv6 in space.

Using computers onboard the UK-DMC satellite, we are the first to test Interplanetary Internet concepts, which the Bundle Protocol is proposed for, from space -- and we did so using the Internet Protocol, bringing the Interplanetary Internet and terrestrial Internet together. (The 'Interplanetary Internet' has also become known as the 'Solar System Internet').

Using Saratoga, we are the first to conduct Bundle Protocol transfers from space, running our first tests in January and August 2008 - as noted on Slashdot. Highlighted articles are good introductions.

Articles placing our bundle-in-space testing in context with later NASA deep-space bundle tests:

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