Delay-Tolerant Networking work:
Saratoga Bundle Protocol work Interplanetary Internet work HTTP-DTN

Bundle Protocol work
Work done with colleagues at NASA Glenn Research Center.
Theoretical work on delay-tolerant networking.

What I'm struck by is the lack of intellectual modesty in the computer science community. We are happy to enshrine into engineering designs mere hypotheses--and vague ones at that--about the hardest and most profound questions faced by science, as if we already possess perfect knowledge... An aeronautical engineer would never put passengers in a plane based on an untested, speculative theory, but computer scientists commit analogous sins all the time. -- Jaron Lanier, You are not a gadget.
Logo designed for Dublin DTN workshop
Logo designed for Dublin DTN workshop, 2007.

The Bundle Protocol is one approach to delay-tolerant networking (DTN).

The Bundle Protocol was developed in the Internet Research Task Force's Delay-Tolerant Networking Research Group (IRTF DTNRG) as their preferred approach to DTN networking. We have analysed and assessed the Bundle Protocol, found drawbacks, and have proposed workarounds. The Bundle Protocol lacks any notion of reliability, and ignores the well-known end-to-end principle. We have been attempting to address this, to increase reliability and performance in bundle networks.

As well as this theoretical work, we have conducted practical work in being the first to test the Bundle Protocol in space for the Interplanetary Internet.

Lloyd Wood