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About these tables

Tor E. Wisløff's Big LEO Tables are now maintained by Lloyd Wood ( as part of Lloyd's satellite constellations.

These satellite constellation tables were created when Dr Tor E. Wisløff was a doctoral student in Norway at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, in the Department of Telematics. Tor has now successfully completed his studies and moved to industry, leaving a trail of publications behind him.

Tor's satellite-related publications

Dual satellite path diversity in non-geostationary satellite systems
Wisløff, Tor E.
Dr. Ing. thesis 1996:84 at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Department of Telematics, ISBN 82-7119-974-9, ISSN 0802-3271.
This focuses on dual satellite path diversity for TDMA-based Big LEOs. The aim is to mitigate the result of an obstruction of the line of sight path to a satellite by maintaing the connection with an other satellite at the same time. This system is proposed for both TDMA (ICO) and CDMA (Globalstar) based systems.
Here a scheme for TDMA is developed where this diversity system can be made to work without requiring a diplexer or a duplicated receiver/transmitter pair.
Achieving this requires careful design of the TDMA frame structure. The thesis considers a variety of topics related to dual satellite path diversity, ranging from designing the TDMA structure and analysing its effect, through considerations of signalling and control to effective resource utilisation mechanisms achieved by considering both channel allocations and diversity.
A version of these tables forms pages 50-75 of the thesis.

On satellite path diversity for GSM rate compatible TDMA NGSO Big LEOs
Wisløff, Tor E.
in Multiaccess, Mobility and Teletraffic for Personal Communications, edited by B. Jabbari, Godlewski and X. Lagrange, pp. 225 - 241, 1996. Published by Kluwer Academic Publishers, ISBN 0-7923-9742-8

Dual satellite path diversity and flexible channel management for TDMA-based Non-geostationary satellite systems
Wisløff, Tor E.
in International Conference on Universal Personal Communications, September 29 - October 2, 1996, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA.

Signal-processing aspects of dual satellite path diversity for non-geostationary satellite systems
Wisløff, Tor E. and Skinnemoen, Harald
IEEE Nordic Signal Processing Symposium, Espoo, Finland, September 24 - 27, 1996.

Tor's other publications

Positioning and traffic information by cellular radio
Wisløff, T.E and Andresen, S.
IEEE Vehicle Navigation and Information Systems Conference, Ottawa, 1993, pp. 287 - 290.

Frekvensproblematikk - koding
Wisløff, Tor E.
Digitale telenett: 4-6 januar 1993, Norske sivilingeniørers forening, Studiesenteret. (In Norwegian.)

SKÍNFAKSE: service integrated radio system for road traffic
Andresen, S., Sævild, K. J. and Wisløff, T. E.
IEEE Vehicle Navigation and Information Systems Conference, Oslo, 1992, pp. 455 - 460

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