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One of the best sources of information about satellite networking...
more useful than most of the professional sites.

- Network Magazine, 2002.

  The mecca of satellite constellation information.
You want to know about LEOs, you've got it.

- Upside, 1996.

Media coverage

A truly unbelievable accomplishment!

- E-Management @ Work: The Internet and the Office Productivity Revolution, Ballé and Beauvallet, 2002.

Book references

Support these pages. Browse for a book.

Computer Networks, Fourth Edition, by Andrew S. Tanenbaum
Web resources, ISBN 0-130-66102-3, Prentice Hall. I have read and recommend the second edition to understand layering.

Atlas of Cyberspace by Martin Dodge and Rob Kitchin
p22-23, ISBN 0-201-74575-5, Addison-Wesley.

Space Mission Analysis and Design, Wiley Larson
Chapter 7 - Orbit and constellation design. ISBN 1-881-88310-8.

Computer Concepts, Oja and Parsons, fourth edition
Chapter 11, satellites.

Internet Solutions for Project Managers by Amit Maitra
Wiley, October 1999, ISBN 0-471-33027-2.

The Satellite Report 1999 by Armand Musey, William Kidd and Patrick Fuhrmann
C. E. Unterberg, Towbin

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Communication Technology Update, August E. Grant, editor
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Computer Networking: a top-down approach featuring the Internet, by Keith W. Ross and Jim Kurose
Former chapter on Access Networks and Physical Media (mirror copy, mirror copy). Was in progress as Computer Networking and Internet Protocols. ISBN 0-201-47711-4.

one of the most comprehensive tools available for conducting
research on current commercial activities in space.

- US Army Space and Missile Defense Command

Selected media coverage

In reverse-chronological order. Interesting and relevant articles, but not necessarily accurate; I am not responsible for any errors in them.
Think of this as a list of sites that cite this site.

Emerging Technology: Broadband from Outer Space by Andy Dornan
Network Magazine (7 January 2002)

De wederopstanding van Iridium by David de Vaal
Tiscali Magazine (21 December 2000, also in French, English: The resurrection of Iridium)

Iridium: If You Build It They Won't Necessarily Come by Keith 'NASA Watch' Cowing
SpaceRef (29 August 2000)

Anything New up there? by Mark Sedenquist
The Road Wirer (14 August 2000)

Iridium: A Technology Ahead of Its Time? by Al Teich
Teich's Tech Tidbit of the Week (8 May 2000)

Nur ein tollkühner Investor kann Iridium jetzt noch vor dem endgültigen Aus retten von Ulrike Sosalla
Financial Times Deutschland (17 March 2000)

Impressive increase in the commercial satellite sector (in Greek)
in.gr (10 December 1999)

Spazio al satellite: dalle telecomunicazioni alla multimedialità interattiva
Carving up the pie in the sky
Wired 7.06 (June 1999) errors noted

Satellite-based networking: set for takeoff? by Jonathan Angel
Network Magazine (7 June 1999)

Edge your way through orbital debris!/Baan je een weg door ruim te-afval! by Noortje Marres and Alex Wilkie
Mediamatic magazine 9#4 (May 1999)

The Internet, Satellites and Human Rights and Internet unwired by Michiel Hegener
On the Internet, the magazine of the Internet Society (Mar-Apr 1999, Sep-Oct 1997)

Iridium pone el mundo "en tus manos" by Paco Rego
diario del navegante, el mundo (Miércoles, 21 octubre de 1998)

Satellite data communications: the space race is on by Rawn Shah
Unix Insider formerly SunWorld Online (June 1998)

Wireless Net Thinks, Acts Locally by Kristi Coale
Wired News (8 May 1998)

Iridium Flare (NASA) picture by Chris Dorreman
Astronomy Picture of the Day (2 April 1998, available in Russian)

Le Net dans les étoiles by Frédéric Filloux
Libération - Multimédia (27 février 1998)

Trouble in the skies? by Charles Bruno
Network World (19 January 1998)

Cyberspace: Lloyd's satellite constellations
SpaceViews, SEDS (15 December 1997)

Global Satellites: A Great Hobby (Just Ask Lloyd) by Sue O'Keefe
Telecommunications Magazine (December 1997)

Globalna wioska telekomunikacyjna? by Marcin Olejniczak
Archiwum (Issue 6, jesieñ 1997)

Internet in the sky by Keith Dawson
Tasty Bits from the Technology Front (8 September 1997)

Things are looking up and Periodic Firestorms in the Forecast, by Jeffrey R. Harrow
The Rapidly Changing Face of Computing (22 September 1997, 18 August 1997, 16 June 1997)

Countdown to FedSat
Space Industry News (June 1997)

Hard News, by Danny O'Brien et al.
Need to Know (20 June 1997)

LEO en MEO Commsat Systemen
NVR Webwijzer, Nederlandse Vereniging voor Ruimtevaart (June 1997)

Trends in mobile satellite technology, by Gary Comparetto and Rafols Ramirez
IEEE Computer (February 1997)

Mapping out the satellite industry, by Tish 'Daily Tish' Williams
Upside (November 1996)

Dans une université britannique, un étudiant doué
á réalisé LE site sur les satellites en orbite basse

- Libération


A list of courses where these pages have provided reading material; distance education in action.

Techsightings review
I found its content so fascinating, and the links from it so interesting, that I sat, reading, spellbound, until my eyes started to water.
- Techsightings

Interviews and awards

Forschung aktuell Wissenschaft im Brennpunkt, interview for DeutschlandRadio
broadcast Sunday 20 September 1998 (recorded 25 August 1998)

Global Satellites: A Great Hobby (Just Ask Lloyd) by Sue O'Keefe
Telecommunications Magazine (December 1997)

Hold the Phone, television interview for Beyond 2000
as shown on the Discovery Channel (recorded 1 March 1997)

1997 DTI Young Information Society Creative Awards winner,
1997 SSPI Public Service Satellite Consortium (PSSC) Legacy Fund scholarship winner,
and as featured in a geography of cyberspace.

Reader feedback

Well, the really memorable bits. You may wish to send me your comments.
Your constellation page is one of the best things I've ever seen on the web.

- Andy Kellett (akellett@csn.net), EOSS contributor.

a personal soap box for a whacko at UOS

- Jim Kehler (pacrimgolf@kuentos.guam.net), in rec.radio.amateur.misc

Thank you for your fantastic contribution to mankind!
I'm doing a research paper and have found your research fabulous!

- R. Mahoney, somewhere inside Boeing

a gold mine [..] Fun and easily navigable.

- Jay Morrow, University of North Texas.

my life shouldn't be like this.
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