CLEO: Cisco router in low Earth orbit - Papers by Keith Hogie et al.

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Rash, Hogie & Criscuolo receive an FAI award

This paper places the work with CLEO in context with earlier OMNI Operating Missions as Nodes on the Internet work.

K. Hogie, E. Criscuolo and R. Parise, Using standard Internet Protocols and applications in space, Computer Networks, special issue on Interplanetary Internet, vol. 47 no. 5, pp. 603-650, April 2005.

This paper discusses approaches for using standard Internet technologies to meet the communication needs of future space missions.

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The Disaster Monitoring Constellation's approach to communication and the CLEO router in orbit work were possible because of the work Hogie et al. had done in bringing HDLC (High-Level Data Link Control) serial links onboard the earlier UoSAT-12.

Hogie also discussed bringing layering and HDLC to Consultative Committee for Space Data Systems (CCSDS) protocols. CCSDS is a subgroup of the International Standards Organisation (ISO) and HDLC is a full ISO protocol. It is entirely reasonable to expect ISO protocols coming from the same standards organisation to work together...

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