The car in front is a Toyota, too. Photo courtesy of the guys at CPE.
Is this how Minis are made? Photo courtesy of the guys at CPE.
they've been separated! Maybe if I run up and ask them to put them back together and pose for a photo...
a daring battle-hardened war photographer would get closer than this. And have a shoe handy for the foreground
Mr Blue - dented but soon driven
Mr Black - down and out
It's raining again. Rust should set in pretty quickly...
Car parking at the University of Surrey

Car parking here at the University has become a hot topic.

Parking places are limited, and a recent scheme to encourage people to use the bus, the train or any other means necessary to get to work by building cycle paths, laying on a more frequent bus service between the University and town and restricting use of campus parking permits finally exacted its toll on the morning of the first of November in Car Park 4.

Someone finally lost it. The permit, we think.

And attempted to reverse one car on top of another, presumably to subvert the new restrictions limiting parking places.

Unfortunately, that driver - and we use the term advisedly - only managed to get the rear of the Toyota being driven up onto the bonnet of the unfortunate car already in the parking place - a rather expensive BMW - and put a rear tyre through the windscreen. Still, a good effort all round, and not something that you see every day. Having stylishly-raised boots and aerodynamically-lowered bonnets obviously helps somewhat; this would be harder to do with two Land Rovers.

And we took photos. Not, alas, of the two cars mating in confusion (since there's never a digital camera to hand when you need one, we're Busy People With Extremely Full Lives, and since as you could reload this page everyday it would be something that you would see everyday), but after the fact when they'd been pulled apart ready to be towed away. And we'd found a digital camera to borrow.

And it had stopped raining. Briefly.

Fortunately, the guys over in Chemical and Process Engineering made headline news with their earlier photos, which we've shamelessly grabbed to complete the set. So this can now be something you can see every day.

The blue Toyota on top got to be driven away. No justice, eh? It looks like the campaign for a University multi-storey car park should be getting off the ground. Rather like that car.

We should point out that on Hallowe'en weekend the clocks went back an hour from British Summer Time to Greenwich Mean Time (UTC+1 to UTC to the rest of you), so the unfortunate driver could have used the excuse that... lying an extra hour in bed had ruined positional skills.

If only the owner of the BMW had bought a sports utility vehicle instead - the ideal protection against other vehicles going off-road. On you.

Note the judicious use of flash to white-out numberplates and the lack of clear identification of the blue Toyota. We care.

Thanks to Andreas for the loan of the camera. Which turned out not to be his camera, either.

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page created 1 November 1999