February 27, 2004

Twenty years in space.

While reviewing video footage of our recent satellite launch, we stumbled across video footage of an older satellite launch.

And, two decades later, that older satellite is still up there, still working. I'd like to think that that bodes well for the newer generation of satellites.

The soundtrack to our footage has yet to be selected.

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February 11, 2004

Ethics in a vacuum.

"We are moral, legal, and unconstrained."

Direct quote or paraphrase, that seems to be one of those two-out-of-three things, rather like faster, better, cheaper. A legal framework imposes constraints. A moral framework imposes constraints.

Given the context, I am somehow reminded of Jane Butzner Jacobs' Guardian ethic and Corporate ethic. I'm trying out the concept of the Media ethic, and having some trouble imagining it. I think that's because the media is so unconstrained.

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