Lloyd Wood

Who am I? Where am I? What else?
the sky is not the limit
that whole blue-sky research thing

Who am I? I really wish I knew. Here's a brief biography:

Lloyd Wood is a Chartered Engineer with experience in computing, networking and aerospace. He's working in Sydney, Australia, on Internet over satellite to remote locations.

Lloyd joined Pactel International, which is now SpeedCast Pacific after an acquisition and a successful public stock offering.

As a space initiatives manager in Cisco Systems' former Global Government Solutions Group, Lloyd was responsible for CLEO, the Cisco router in Low Earth Orbit. Lloyd spent some years making contributions to the Internet Engineering Task Force and modifying IOS, Cisco's router software... so he's gone on to fly his own code in space. Working with colleagues at NASA Glenn Research Center and Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd, Lloyd achieved the first tests from space of IPv6 and of the delay-tolerant networking bundle protocol intended for the 'Interplanetary Internet.'
Lloyd gained his PhD from the Centre for Communication Systems Research at the University of Surrey, where he researched internetworking and satellite constellations, and to where he later returned as a research fellow.

Lloyd Wood in Russian you want to be an... astronaut 

Lloyd Wood
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