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I survived Toulouse the dying throes of the Macintosh IEEE NASA - in requiem, Challenger SSC & SSTL - we build satellites Mac buttons and interface - my way touch
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don't wear your heart on your sleeve. or on your pocket.
influences once close to my heart

Security, political and digital issues

I can demonstrate orthogonal bugs in browsers. I really do not trust Internet Explorer.

I hate spam. I read email headers for fun. I hate starting sentences with 'I'.

I've become a fan of James Rosenbaum. Read In Defense of the Hard Drive and In Defense of the Delete Key. Lawrence Lessig can be interesting; experience free culture. Read Hamming on research.

Sundry webstuff

Every so often, I remind myself that I believe in HTML validation. Then I go and play with the W3C validator and netmechanic I change my mind.

If you're using the Apache webserver, make nitpicking about case in URLs a thing of the past by running mod_speling.

Ignore banner advertisements - unless they're playable.

Disjointed thoughts

occasional columns on digital philosophy
jaundiced eye

Meet some of the people who might be my relatives. People who, digitally, might be my clones.

Mark Hadley's work is fascinating.
Mark Handley's work is fascinating.

I've found the coolest thing on the web. I've been to the coolest cinema on the planet. I'm apparently one to watch. I'm still a cynic. I think I might also be a stoic, but I have trouble getting worked up about it. I like to think I'm funny, too; others just think I'm a geek. I'm probably an introvert.

In my line of work I get to see a lot of elliptical logos. Swoosh!

I love food! I have been known to eat food several times a day.

The personal webpage is the natural home of the unreliable narrator.

Sleep late.


Surrey public service announcements

After years of making noises about the Mbone, I've given up on waiting for Surrey to ever get connected. Lots of luck.


I have good reasons to loathe South West Trains. I've been delayed so often.


Space and satellites are important to me. But then, I read a lot of Arthur C. Clarke as a child. These days, Ansible, Infinity Plus, Event Horizon, Science Fiction Weekly, Locus and Interzone supply me with science fiction.

I used to read the Electronic Telegraph. I no longer read MacUser, and I'm giving up on The Register and nTk. I still read 0xdeadbeef. Occasionally I am reminded that gadgets matter, especially when they're dynamic, cutting-edge laptops.

SciTech Daily and Arts & Letters Daily provide interesting doses of reality. Reality adjustments come courtesy of The Onion, SatireWire and Newsthump. And then there's despair and Private Eye.

Read Chomsky.


Mylène Farmer, @440, new order.

Blue Amazon; the best 10p I ever spent.


MC Escher, of course.

Comics are art too, these days. Reading Today's Funnies is a fast way to stay on top of the dailies.

Carol Lay's work (archive of strips 1995-2000) is ineffably sublime. (Her own site and an interview.)

Dip into the Doonesbury and Madam & Eve archives. Sluggy Freelance is nifty. Understand MegaTokyo.

If you're ever in Nashville, Ind., catch the Lloyd Wood show. His bassist is TOUGH - and that's the bottom line.

you want to be an... astronaut 

Lloyd Wood
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