WebWorld - in requiem

This link used to take you to my home in WebWorld, a graphical planet built by the denizens of the Net, with links to everywhere and anywhere. You clicked on a building to 'enter' a link. If you've ever played Populous, you can visualize the isometric world that you scrolled around in WebWorld. WebWorld was amazingly cool; as a tool for moving around the web, it had enormous potential. And it was fun.

Until Peregrine pulled the plug. WebWorld is no more; the world built by the community has vanished from the community. The net is shadowy and vague; it has no substance, it is not real. Forget that at your peril.

WebWorld, we miss you. And we dislike the pretenders to your throne; the upstarts who have stolen your name.

Cool Site of the Day, August 22, 1994. Cited in You are here, but where is that?: Architectural Design Metaphors in the Electronic Library by John Kupersmith in Cheryl LaGuardia, ed., Finding Common Ground: Creating a Library of the Future Without Diminishing the Library of the Past (New York: Neal-Schuman, 1998), pp. 58-67.

I don't believe you. This time for sure!

IconTown fills a similar gap these days.

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last updated September 2000