Lloyd's ego


Lloyd Wood is an award-winning DTI Young Creative and an SSPI Scholarship recipient. He holds two masters degrees and he's been awarded a PhD for his doctoral thesis. He's an accomplished actor who has performed at the Edinburgh Fringe. He has a growing list of publications and ever-more-complex software he's worked on. Libération describe him as gifted. He speaks three languages. He is a recognised content provider who has two personal Yahoo! entries. He was accepted into Mensa, Intertel and the Triple Nine Society as a teenager. He's an example to us all.

Other praise for Lloyd's work is available.

Mind you, Lloyd is not one of those pretentious types who writes about himself in the third person to make himself seem far more dignified and impressive than he really is.

Oh no, not Lloyd. He's far too bright, too savvy and too experienced a netter to ever do that.

If Lloyd wasn't such an egotist, he'd be able to quote the girlfriend he might then have right here.


long live the eternal flame of Lloyd's ego!