This satellite footprint generator is no longer maintained, and has been retired.

Chris Meenan's footprint generator was an online web common-gateway-interface application demonstrating some of the functionality of the SPOC (Satellite Positioning and Orbital Control) software developed at the Centre for Communication Systems Research. The generator ran online between 1996 and 2004.

You can now use SaVi to draw and even animate satellite footprints. Although SaVi doesn't yet draw tiered arrays of spotbeams, SaVi can also draw footprints on the unprojected equirectangular maps generated by the footprint generator, animate multiple satellite movement in two and three dimensions, and a lot more besides.

Some sample generated footprint plots from the footprint generator are still available.

Lloyd Wood (
June 2004

Footprint of geostationary satellite showing four tiers of uncontoured spotbeams