Remembering Murtuza and family
Murtuza Khambaty took the University of Surrey's 1994-95 MSc in Telematics, living in one of the cramped rooms in Guildford Court. We studied together, and when he wasn't joking about his "wife" back home, he worked hard towards beating me at chess. We kept in touch sporadically over the years as he settled into family life and working for Texas Instruments in Northampton; he spoke of his family with pride and joy.

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It was found that the offence of Careless Driving included a wide range of behaviour of differing severity. It is commonly perceived to be a minor offence, but is used in cases where the driving could be described as grossly negligent.
-- Dangerous driving and the Law, Road Safety research report no. 26, Road Safety Division, Department for Transport.
(commentary from RoadPeace)

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example: Driver guilty of M6 family deaths, BBC News, 16 February 2009.

Test cricket was a passion.
Reports placed the family at rest in Brookwood Cemetery near Woking (directions).

Lloyd Wood