One Hell of a Job by Milly Shilton

Reviewed by Ken Johnson

Hell and Heaven have reorganised into innumerable Majoresque departments each with its own vocabulary of abbreviations, its own local management, its own Customers' Charter and its own customers. The Devil's wife Eve (Danielle West), in charge of the Centre for Tormenting Sexists, takes business away from other departments, upsetting the all-male senior management of the organisation, to whom sexism is a trivial offence. Finding his position threatened, the Devil (David Williams) sends in the dirty tricks squad: the CTS is to be closed, and he leaves Eve for his younger secretary Molly (Kate Fox).

Eve's tiresome opening tirade against feminists' soft targets is followed by a pointless dance routine; then, suddenly, the characters come to life as office politics and intrigue take over. Danielle West should watch more "Prisoner Cell Block H" if she wants to learn to act the prison governer, though she is a plausible self-made businesswoman; handsome, smarmy and duplicitous, David Williams is a natural for the part of Satan.

Performed by Lowbrow Theatre Company (Loughborough University) Waverley Room, Festival Club, Chambers Street, 1345h 21 to 27 August 1994.

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