EggHeadz :) The all-new spangly cartoon picture that letz you in on some of the Eggheadz' wired-up world
by Dave Weeks.

showcasing the classic cartoon...
Eggheadz product life cycle cartoon
Previous Weeks' cartoons
("Weeks'", geddit?)

1997-1-01 early fumbles
1997-1-08 flying toasters
1997-1-15 Twilight Zone
1997-1-22 take-aways
1997-1-29 server logs
1997-2-05 the product life cycle
1997-2-12 egotism
1997-2-26 driving
1997-3-06 gandalf's hygiene
1997-3-13 trip city
1997-3-20 purity test
1997-3-27 virtual reality
1997-4-03 bad hair days
1997-4-10 desperation
1997-4-17 the thesis
1997-4-24 reception
1997-5-01 dumping core
1997-5-08 drinking more
1997-5-15 stupid html jokes
1997-5-29 Odeon tetris
1997-6-05 pointlessness
1997-6-12 content overload
1997-6-19 prediction
1997-6-26 software sidegrades
1997-7-03 software backgrades
1997-7-10 more egotism
1997-7-17 project delays
1997-7-24 more project delays
1997-7-31 life is recursion

These cartoons feature...

Lloyd - the Mac fan who has an answer or complaint for everything.
Gandalf - the dedicated Amiga techie whose experiments often involves the others.
Guinness - the retro ST lover who drinks while he programs.
Joe - the PC pro who lives for roleplaying and the dancefloor.
Frank - the MIDI music man who has a reputation for carnage.

EggHeadz :) is copyright Dave Weeks, 1997, all rights reserved. Although Lloyd believes he owns all the rights to his portrayal...