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September 2017 double surface coverage
July 2017 SaVi 1.5.1 released
February 2017 LEDs for intersatellite links
  There's a million you's baby boo
so don't be dumb
I got ninety-nine problems
but you won't be one
lyrics: Ariane ft. Iggy, Problem.
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Serious things that you may find interesting.

scholarly publications
academic and technical material on satellites and networking.

Delay-Tolerant Networking work
first Interplanetary Internet tests in space.

Cisco router in Low Earth Orbit.

satellite constellation visualization.

Other things that you won't.

who am I?
and who would want to know?

where am I?
and what am I doing here?

what else?
remnants and remains.

a minor literary conceit.

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