CSM16 - Visual Information Systems

Lecture Notes

More updated lecture notes will be available on-line before each lecture. Case studies and reading/discussion materials will be given during the course.

Please try to read a bit more explanations and examples in the reference link(s) given below.

Useful References

Lab Classes

We recommend the following software for you to get familiar with Java and its image processing components. (This software is only available to the students who are on the course.)

Project Proposal

Project proposal was given in week 5, Monday, during the lecture.


Important Dates:

First assignment, based on Lab Exercises and Coursework 1, due: week 7, Monday 26th Feb 2007, 12:00noon

First viva: week 10, Monday 19th March 2007

Second assignment, based on the Project, week 11, 23rd April 2007, 12noon

Final viva, week 12, 30th April 2007