CS292 - Computational Vision and Language

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Please try to download the files and read the speaker's notes inside the slides as well. The speaker's notes provide more details and some explanations on the slides.



Lab classes on Thursday 12:00-13:00 and 17:00-18:00 are mandatory. Students must attend at least one of these sessions each week.

The surgery/tutorial hour with Daniel on Monday 16:00-17:00 is highly recommended. For details please see below. You may find it is extremely useful, not just in terms of helping you seriously improve Java skills but a valuable opportunity to exchange study experience with one of our most excellent former UG students.

NEW !! Please note the coursework guideline for the third assignment (language part) as below:


The coursework will be marked using the criteria specified in the coursework feedback form. You may wish to take a look at this form to help you structure the coursework report.

NB. For about labs, please download the sample code below (MirrorXReflection.java) and run it. More importantly, in order to complete your own tasks, read the code carefully especially where additional comments are given. Extra hints are provided in the tutorial lab. See the time/venue information and download the notes in the TUTORIAL LAB section

The following two sample images can be used for subtraction. The result can be like this. 


            Sample image 1 for subtraction

            Sample image 2 for subtraction


NewRegionGrow.java – more arguments

NewRegionGrow.java- after multiplying by 50

NewRegionGrow.java – check and change specific region


NEW !!        Lab for Week 8

Lab on Language Part – week 8

NEW !!        Lab for Week 9

Lab on Language – week 9     Readme file   demo1  demo2



Extra help on coursework  (vision part) is given during the tutorials (see details below). Do come along!!!



Venue: AP LAB2

Time: Week 2-6, Monday 16:00-17:00 

With: Daniel Bryant

content: Systematic tutorials on Java and additional help on coursework

Tutorial materials are available just before this session each week.


General Format of the Deliverables: Written report, with the screen shots of the program results, the source codes and a brief description on your approaches to the tasks.

Coursework to be submitted to the Computing Undergraduate Office.

References and software

  Image Processing in Java
Please note this website is only available for the students who are on the course.

  image processing learning resources
More references will be given during each lecture.

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