CS257 - Modeling Multimedia Information

module description (updated)


No lecture for week 6, 20th Feb 2007. But the lab will be running as usual to help with the coursework.



Lab worksheet 1 – week 2

Lab worksheet 2 –week 3

Texts for Week 3 Lab.zip


Lab worksheet 3 –week 4



Lab worksheet 4 –Image Retrieval Systems - week 5

Lab worksheet 5 – Text Retrieval – continued – more for the coursework - week 6




Bug fix information for the coursework




In your home directory, when trying to use the web version of Lucence, the file:




may produce an error on the results page.


This is fixed by commenting out the first line and adding the following 2:


 //query = QueryParser.parse(queryString, "contents", analyzer); 
QueryParser qp = new QueryParser("contents", analyzer);
query = qp.parse(queryString);


b) In case you work in the penguin lab in BB, please note


In a penguin terminal window, running the command "xhost +" before running the concorde session.







Coursework Instruction


  1. A paper copy of your completed coursework must be submitted to the undergraduate office by week 10 Wednesday 21st March 2007, 9:30am.
  2. Group presentation will take place in week 12, 3rd May.


Each group should have 3-5 members. Please send email with your group members’ names to the address indicated in Notice Board as below. This should be done no later than week 7, Monday 26th Feb 2007.

Notice Board

Please send an email with your group members’ names to the following address:


by week 7, Monday 26th Feb 2007.

 About Presentation

        Group presentation will take place in week 12, 3rd May, Thursday, 9:30am-1pm, 39BB02

        All the students are required to attend the presentations during above time, because:

1.      Each group needs to ask questions to the presenting group, and assess their performance. Each group will assess all other groups using the mark sheets. These marks will influence the final marks given for the presenting group and count towards your own results.

2.      Group members shall sit together for the evaluation.

3.      Order of presentations will be decided randomly on the day, so it is important to arrive promptly.

        There will be 20-minute slot for one group including presentation, question, marking, and change over time. Each group should present their work within 10-12 minutes and no longer than 15 minutes.

        The content of presentation should include: objectives of the project, methods used/developed, discussion on findings and results, individual contributions by each group member.

        There will be a laptop in the room for your presentation (you need to bring your presentation in a, e.g. a memory stick/CD and copy it to the laptop). If you have your own laptop with the presentation in good order, it will be better and more efficient to use your own.

        At the end of the session, concluding remarks will be made to identify best practice across the projects and clarify expectations in full. This will help you with revision for the exam.


There will be revision lecture in week 11 during lecture time.

Lecture notes have been marked. Those slides with yellow titles can be treated as optional reading materials.


Past paper 2005

Past paper 2005 solution




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