Systems Analysis and Design

COM1012 (formerly CS183)

This page will contain instructions for the lab sessions, copies of the lecture slides, and (later) instructions for the coursework. You may also wish to view the module description in the University module catalogue for a summary of the material covered in this course. You should look at this page regularly in case anything has changed. This page is dynamic, and items may be added or changed from time to time

The module will be taught by Dr Jonathan Y. Clark





Thank you for all your coursework. For the most part, you did fairly well. By way of feedback: common errors included missing out one or more of the following: multiplicity, methods, and aggregation. Some students forgot that class names are always singular (eg. 'Computer' is correct; 'Computers' is not). Also, it should be remembered that an object diagram is just a class diagram that has been instantiated, ie. attributes have real values. Apart from that, most of you seemed to have gained a good understanding of vintage computers and how they could be classified in a class diagram.

You can download the 2009 course outline here (as an Acrobat pdf file). CS183-course-outline-2009 This contains information about each session, including where the lecture will take place.


**** Recommended text ****

It is STRONGLY recommended that you buy the course textbook.

The link below will take you to the web site for more information on the book, but you should also be able to buy it from the campus bookshop.

Systems Analysis and Design with UML Version 2.0: An Object-Oriented Approach [Second Edition], by Alan Dennis, Barbara Haley Wixom and David Tegarden. This is the main course text, essentially defining the course. You will find it of great help to have access to a copy of this book. Each lecture is based on one or more chapters of the book.



**** Electronic lecture notes are available for download here. Some small changes/updates may be made shortly before the lecture, but these will always be done by the day of the lecture itself. ****

The pdf files are simply Adobe Acrobat versions of the Powerpoint slides, presented as 6 per page

The reading material for each week gives equivalent chapters of the course text.


PowerPoint slides

PDF, 6 per page Reading material (Dennis, Wixom & Tegarden)
1 lec1.ppt lec1.pdf Chapter 1
2 lec2.ppt lec2.pdf Chapter 2
3 lec3.ppt lec3.pdf Chapter 5
4 lec4.ppt lec4.pdf Chapter 6
5 lec5.ppt lec5.pdf Chapter 7
6 lec6.ppt lec6.pdf Chapter 8
7 lec7.ppt lec7.pdf Chapters 9 and 11
8 lec8.ppt lec8.pdf Chapter 13
9 lec9.ppt lec9.pdf Chapters 14 and 15

Note: the lecture material for this course is adapted from the web site associated with the main course text.


**** ELECTRONIC LAB NOTES will be available here, in time for the lab...****

You can view the Violet UML (under Eclipse) tutorial here:

Tutorial - 0.9.1.htm

Lab Session 13 February 2pm: Use Case Descriptions and Use Case Diagrams


Lab Session 2: 20 February 2pm: Class Diagrams

All Lab Sheets - 1.0.0rc1.htm

COM1012 - System Analysis and Design - Lab Sessions - 1.0.0rc1.htm


**** COURSEWORK ****

The coursework is now available to download below.

The 2007 examination paper and sample answers (as Acrobat pdf files) can be downloaded from the links below.

The 2008 examination paper and sample answers (as Acrobat pdf files) can be downloaded from the links below. Note: in the 2008 paper there were more multiple choice questions than previous years.