Dr. Jose Rafael Tena Rodriguez

Leaving CVSSP

From 1st October 2009, I will be working at Disney Research in Pittsburgh PA; bringing my time in CVSSP to an end.

My Profile

I have been in the University of Surrey since September 2003.

I started my relationship with CVSSP while completing an MSc. degree in Medical Imaging. I worked in image segmentation techniques for extracting "Wilms Tumours" from Computed Tomography images under the supervision of Dr. Kevin Wells.

In January 2005 I oficially joined CVSSP as a Ph.D. student under the supervision of Prof. Adrian Hilton. I was assigned to the "2D+3D=ID" project which explored 3D face recognition, 2D face recognition, and how to use 3D information to enhance 2D face recognition. My research focused on non-rigid 3D face registration and 3D face morphable model building. In November 2007 I submitted my thesis titled [3D Face Modelling for 2D+3D Face Recognition] and I was awarded the degree.

Since January 2007 I have been working as a post-doctoral research scientist. I am assigned to the project "Visualisation Tools for Effective Face Matching" along with Prof. Josef Kittler, Dr. Bill Christmas, and Bud Goswami. My involvement in this project comes as a natural extension of my Ph.D. which has allowed me to continue my work on 3D face modelling. My current research involves developing and implementing algorithms for fitting 3D models to images, and developing techniques to manipulate the attributes of 3D face data for expression synthesis and morphing.

Recent Work

In this section you can find more about my recent work. There is not much available at the moment but I hope to add more (and in more detailed fashion) in the near future.

This is a sample video of my work in mesh conformation for 3D non-rigid registration [Mesh Conformation];

This power point presentation shows some of my work in registration and modelling [Presentation];

This is a poster I made for a recent non-technical exhibition in the University. I believe that it summarises some of my work in simple language [Poster].

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16th September 2009