Pose Search

I’m a Principal Scientist at Adobe Research, based out of San Jose CA, where I lead the Cross-Modal Representation Learning (XRL) Group within the Imaging Lab.

I'm a part-time Professor in Computer Vision at Surrey's Centre for Vision Speech and Signal Processing (CVSSP), the UK's largest academic research group for Multi-modal Signal Processing. (Bio), where I founded and co-direct DECaDE, the Centre for the Decentralized Digital Economy, an EPSRC research centre which explores the intersection of AI and Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT) and their potential to transform the creator economy.

My research fuses Computer Vision, Graphics and Machine Learning to tackle representative learning problems in visual media, with particular emphasis on content authenticity (e.g. tech to fight fakes and misinformation) and creative visual search (focusing on cross-modal e.g. style, search).

I'm the Course Director for MSc in Computer Vision, Robotics and Machine Learning and teach on Image Processing and Deep Learning (EEEM063). I'm a member of the EPSRC ICT Strategic Advisory Team (SAT) and APPG on Blockchain.

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