Pose Search

I'm a Senior Lecturer in Computer Vision (Assoc. Prof.) at Surrey's Centre for Vision Speech and Signal Processing (CVSSP), the UK's largest academic research group for Multi-modal Signal Processing. (Extended Bio)

My research fuses Computer Vision, Graphics and Machine Learning to tackle Big Data problems in visual media, with particular emphasis on post-production in the creative industries and intelligent algorithms for searching and rendering large visual media repositories.

I am the Course Director for MSc in Computer Vision, Robotics and Machine Learning and the Deputy Director of Teaching for our undergraduate programmes, with particular responsibility for Y1/2.

I teach Image Processing and Deep Learning (EEEM010); Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (EEE3032).

Recent Updates

  • Talk   Keynote on Sketch based image and video retrieval at the BMVA Sketch-X one day workshop.
  • Paper  ICCV 2015 demo and paper on Scalable Sketch based Image Retrieval (12m+ image search), in Santiago Chile. Demo available on Google Play!
  • Prize  Google/Youtube prize for best student paper awarded to Charles Gray at CVMP 2015, for work on Scalable Video Concept Detection, at London BFI.
  • Funding  InnovateUK SMART grant awarded on Video Anomoly Detection with Root6, **JOB** Post-doc position available!
  • PhD  Congratulations to Stuart James, defended his PhD on Visual Narratives for Sketch based Search of Video.
  • Paper  SIGGRAPH 2015 presentation of our work on re-targetting animation from mo-cap skeletons to 4D performance capture, in LA.
  • Paper  Eurographics 2015 presentation our joint research with Adobe Systems on Comprehensible Video Thumbnails, in Zurich.
  • Talk   Keynote at G3: Galvanising Guildford Games, on Next-Gen Performance Capture and its impact to the Games industry.
  • PhD  Welcome to two new PhD students: Mat Trumble and Tu Bui working on deep learning for animation re-targetting and sketch based image retrieval.