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First here are some useful pointers to hotels and restaurants in Europe.

My main two hobbies are Sports and Mushrooms.

Since 1998, I started taking sports seriously and I play Squash, Badminton and do long distance running.  I play Squash and Badminton at the Surrey University Sport Centre.

Regarding running, I have ran 3 marathons in my life.   I ran my first marathon in Athens on 17 October 1999.  This is the original marathon run by the unfortunate Greek worrier in 490 BC and I did learn and understand his suffering !! because I could not run for 6 weeks after that.  However, this was my first marathon and I am proud that I did it when I was 40.  Here is my photo in Athens stadium with my medal and certificate and another  Photo with friends.  I ran the London marathon on 22 April 2001.  Also in November 2002, I ran New York Marathon as well.


Picking wild mushroom is my second hobby and it started because of the long distance running in the country side.  If you need more information about mushroom and fungi please follow these links: Hampshire & Surrey Border Fungi Society and the British Mycological Society.

Here is a photo of me with a Giant PuffBall (Calvatia gigantea) .

Haitham Cruickshank (H.Cruickshank@ee.surrey.ac.uk)