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At the Centre for Communications Systems Research  (CCSR), University of Surrey, Guildford, Surrey. Tel: +44 1483 686007, Fax: +44 1483 686011, e-mail: H.Cruickshank@surrey.ac.uk

Biographical note:

Senior lecturer in Network Security at CCSR, University of Surrey.  He worked there since January 1996. He has been the coordinator in many European, UK and European Space Agency (ESA) projects in satellite and Internet security, privacy and key management. His main research interests are privacy, network security and next generation networking architectures.  He also has over 135 publications, including 25 refereed journals, 102 conferences, 3 books chapters and 5 IETF/ETSI standards.


My main research area is network security for satellite, mobile and the Internet and user privacy and anonymity in these network.  Also I work on QoS provisioning, Internet protocols and satellite networking. Currently, I am the principle investigator for two projects with EADS-Astrium. The first project SASH-NET and its focused on distributed key management for cryptographically heterogeneous networks, the other project is called DTN-S3 and its aims at designing security and privacy in Delay Tolerant Network (DTN) and aimed for challenged networks which is characterized by long delay and frequent connection disruptions.Also I work within the SATNEX project, which is a Network of Excellence (NoE) sponsored by ESA, and focusing on analyzing HTTP 2.0 protocol and its security impact on middle entities such as Performance Enhancing Proxies, which has been used in satellite network for many years.

Here are more details about my current specific research interests:

Network Security

Since 1995, I have been working in security research areas relating to ATM, mobile networks, the Internet, and satellites networks. In recent years, my research and work has focused on security and privacy issues in satellite/mobile networks and the Internet.

For satellite networks, there is security and access control mechanisms for satellite broadcast systems (DVB-S) and interactive satellite systems (DVB-RCS).  I worked on the security design for the new IP encapsulation method over broadcast networks called Unidirectional Lightweight Encapsulation (ULE). I am the first author an Internet standard (RFC) on ULE security requirements. My current work is focused on new design of IPsec for satellite networks called Multi Layer IPsec (ML-IPsec) that would enable the functioning of middle entities such as satellite network accelerators and QoS routers.  Also I am working on distributed key management for large scale networks.

Regarding the Internet security, my research work covers areas such as secure IP multicast, key management and IPsec implementation in terrestrial and satellite networks.  I have given invited talks at conference, EAS and several IEE seminars on Internet security.  Also I led a security project with ESA and LOGICA Company (Leatherhead, Surrey), regarding building a secure group management system called Group Secure Association Key Management Protocol (GSAKMP) and Logical Key Hierarchy (LKH). 

My other work spans several security areas such as cyber security with distributed key management and security policies definition and implementation in satellite, adhoc and terrestrial IP networks. Also I will work on secure heterogeneous multicast groups such as a multi-national cryptographic group, for which the endpoints reside several countries with varying legal requirements for encryption systems and cipher key strengths.

Finally, I work on Delay Tolerant Network (DTN) security issues such as key management, DoS attacks, using AAA architecture and user anonymity. The DTN work was supported by EADS-Astrium (UK project) and the Satnex III (EU project).  This was culminated in the publication of a related paper in the “Proceedings of the IEEE” in 2011, which is one of most citied IEEE journals.


QoS and and IP Multimedia Conferencing

I have been working in the area of Voice over IP (VoIP) over satellites since 1999.  I contributed to the interworking unit for EuroSkyWay satellite system (Alenia Spacio, Italy) for the VIP-TEN project (TEN-TELECOM programme).  Also I worked on networking aspects of “IP multiparty multimedia conferencing over satellites”.  Multicast routing protocols are the underlying distribution mechanism for IP conferencing.  I have contributed to the efficient configuration solution in the EU projects ICEBERGS and SATSIX.  The solution covered inter- and intra-domain IP multicast protocols such as Protocol Independent Multicast-Sparse Mode (PIM-SM), Multicast Source Discovery Protocol (MSDP) and Multiprotocol Border Gateway Protocol, MBGP.  This contribution has been submitted to ESTI BSM group.  Also my work included Quality of Service (QoS) monitoring of IP conferencing over satellites, where the GEO satellite propagation delay is unavoidable.  However voice jitter can be reduced by proper design of the satellite system packet handling.  I am the invited speaker on “VoIP from the satellite perspective” in the PIMRC workshop in September 2008. My future work will focus on the new style of web protocols such as SPDY (that might replace HTTP in the future) and new TCP transport mechanisms (larger initial window, initial data, updates to congestion window validation, support for thin flows, etc.). This work will be conducted within the Satnex III project.


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IEEE Communications Society and IET Fellow.


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Sample publications:

  1. H. Cruickshank, N. Ahmed, “A Novel pseudonym framework for ITS”, 8th ETSI Security Workshop, January 2013, Sophia Antipolis, France.
  2. A. Weimerskirch, H. Cruickshank, B. Glas, S. Houmb, S. Randall, and W. Whyte, “Privacy in ITS”, 7th ETSI Security Workshop, January 2012, Sophia Antipolis, France.
  3. G. Ansa, H. Cruickshank, Z. Sun, “An EnergyEfficient Technique to Combat DOS Attacks in Delay Tolerant Networks”.  ICST Transactions on Ubiquitous Environments journal. March 2012. ISSN# 2032-9377
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Research InterestsTeaching  |  Publications | Hobbies

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