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You are probably visiting this website because you have an interest in studying a maths degree, and perhaps you are considering coming to the University of Surrey.
The Mandelbrot Set Fractal - You will learn more about this in the Maths Quiz...

This website's aim is to take you on a journey through some of the maths you might meet if you choose to study a Maths BSc programme at the University of Surrey. Along the way, you will hear about what some students thought during their time at Surrey, by clicking on their soundbites.

The Maths Quiz looks at topics which should be an extension to what you have already been taught at school. It's also aimed to gently introduce you to a few new topics which are studied at university.
During the quiz, there are few topic pages which describe some of the wider applications of maths. This page allows you to navigate to these topic pages directly.
Read about a few of the great mathematicians who made valuable contributions to maths over the years.
Several students have shared their experiences at the University of Surrey, and highlighted what they liked about maths here.
Maths students who have already graduated from the University of Surrey have left a few words about their experiences at Surrey, and how it has helped them with their careers.
Here are a few useful links about the maths topics which you will meet throughout the website.
If you have any questions about studying maths at the University of Surrey, this page will tell you who the best person is to contact.