For the last four years I have been seconded from the University of Surrey, to the National Physical Laboratory to primarily construct devices for quantum metrology.

Here is a brief description of the two institutes, the groups I work in, and some of the projects I work on. For more information follow the links, or just contact me. If I can’t give an answer I’ll try my best to put you in touch with someone who might be able to.

University of Surrey

Situated in Guildford, a little south of London, the University of Surrey was founded as both a teaching and research university in 1966. It currently has a wide research portfolio and offers study in approximately 50 different subjects for 15,000 students. The
Advanced Technology Institute was established in 2002 and is part of the Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences. Contained within the ATI are four groups, one of which is the Nano-Electronics Centre - the group I am attached to. It is in the ATI that the equipment used to fabricate the devices seen on these pages and described in the publications is located. The primary laboratories and facilities used are the cleanroom, and the nanofabrication and microscopy laboratory.

National Physical Laboratory

Opened in 1900, NPL is one of the worlds oldest National Measurement Institutes and is situated on the outskirts of south London in Teddington. NPL maintains the UK’s primary measurement standards, offers measurement services to industry, and undertakes fundamental research into many areas of measurement and materials science. Part of NPL’s work is the development of new standards and methodologies to provide ever higher precision and consistency in measurement. Looking to the future NPL has an active Quantum Phenomena activity incorporating a Nanophysics group carrying out research in nano-thermal and electrical transport, nanomagnetism and spintronics, nanomechanical resonators and superconducting devices.