Links to my work

YouTube page, where you can see some movies of the more fun examples of things I do.

National Physical Laboratory in the UK, and more specifically the Quantum Detection group I work in.

The University of
Surrey and the Nanoelectronic Centre where my nanofabrication lab is based.

The nanomagnetism group of Prof.
Michael Farle in Duisburg Germany who I have also collaborated with this last couple of years.

NTT BRL in Japan where I undertook a sabbatical during 2010.

Links to equipment manufacturers

FEI the manufacturer of the Nova Nanolab dual beam instrument I mainly use.

Joe Nabity’s Nanometer Pattern Generation System
NPGS. The e-beam/I-beam lithography package I use, and if you have a FIB the best add on package money can buy in my opinion.

Zyvex the manufacturer of the four probe manipulation system I use.

Attocube who provide the nanopositoning systems I use. These guys are the best at what they do, and a great company to deal with.

Elionix, a Japanese company specialising in electron beam lithography instruments (amongst other things). A relatively small company of less than 100 people, but very innovative with a large product range.

Links to my old labs or people worth a mention

My old stomping ground
Wolfson College Cambridge where I studied for my PhD, in the Rolls Royce UTC lab.

Birmingham University where I started my research career.

Links to other stuff I’m into

If you are into making stringed instruments then check out
Luthiers Mercantile International. I really rate this company, huge range, very helpful, and very knowledgeable

If your into more homemade musical instruments then check out the
Cigar Box Nation. It’s a place for people who like things primitive and lo-fi. This doesn’t mean to say that they are not good musical instruments, just home made.

Finally if you want to learn how to play bottle neck blues guitar then check out
Kenny Lee Burgess YouTube page, or if you want to learn some fingerstyle guitar then check out Deltabluestips also on YouTube.