LTE system-level simulator

An example how the coverage shrinks in the centre when we change the sectorized site to with a non-sectorized antenna.

Modified the LTE_init_generate_network.m file at “Define a eNodeB manually ” as follows:


% Define an eNodeB manually

b_=5; s_=1; % Cell and Sector IDs.

%eNodeBs(b_).pos = [0 0];  % Position of  eNodeB

eNodeBs(b_).id = b_;

eNodeBs(b_).sectors    = network_elements.eNodeB_sector;  % Sector initialization

eNodeBs(b_).sectors(s_).parent_eNodeB = eNodeBs(b_);

eNodeBs(b_).sectors(s_).id = s_;

eNodeBs(b_).sectors(s_).azimuth = wrapTo360(LTE_config.antenna_azimuth_offsett + 120*(s_-1));

eNodeBs(b_).sectors(s_).max_power = 40; % Total transmit power

eNodeBs(b_).sectors(s_).antenna = antennas.omnidirectionalAntenna; % Anntenna of  eNodeB



Mean radial throughput of eNB deployment



Analytical reports for each UE. Observe the improvement in CQI reports when the shceme changes from FR1 to FR3.






Analytical reports for each Cell/Sector