Windjammer Landing - Some pictures

This site is being updated and more pictures will be available shortly.

Further pictures of the villas - please note that these are timeshare villas but people do get upgraded to them sometimes - particularly honeymooners!

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New beach
Windjammer Landing taken from the Sea Windjammer main pool, different view(c) Brian D Steel
The pool looking towards the beach (Jammers Bar is in the top left hand corner) Main Pool viewed from Dragonfly restaurant
new beach
New extended Beach as of June 2005 View from our villa looking out towards East Winds and Castries
bird2 bird1
Antillian Bullfinch A bird feeding on our balcony
gecko pool2
A gecko in our villa Children's paddling pool (connected to bigger pool by waterfall) This is near Papa don's restaurant.
storm windjammer beach
A Storm hits the beach and newly built broadwalk - yes even in January 2000! Windjammer Beach at 4:30pm!
lobby minibuses
Windjammer lobby Windjammer buggies

windjammer roads

Birds on balcony

Windjammer roads linking villas Birds on balcony
view to east winds


Jacuzzi being filled - thanks Aligot! Octopus
WJ pool another view
Windjammer pool. Click on image for bigger picture (c) Brian D Steel (c) Brian D Steel
Drop Edge Pool from one of the 3-bedroom estate villas 2 bedroom Estate villa on three levels
Me and new deck
Me on our brand new deck! thanks to Tony Bowen, Neil Brown and Richard Mack and the maintenance team...........(c) Brian D Steel Flora around villas