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More photos will follow as this page is updated. 

View of Castries and sea off Windjammer Landing resort

I have been visiting St Lucia for ten years and usually stay at Windjammer Landing Resort. There is a lot of information on this resort on the linked pages including photographs.

Ti Kaye Village

Another resort that is worth looking at is the Ti Kaye Village which is fairly new and especially good for honeymooners. This has developed a very good reputation on the internet since it was opened and gets very good reviews on sites such as "Trip"

Ti Kaye is located above Anse Cochon Bay in a quiet location with excellent snorkelling off the beach. (I have had lunch there and the food was excellent and good value- large fresh snapper). There are steps leading to the beachwhich are quite steep although Jeannine Davies, the Manager, can assist with transportation to the beach for people with walking problems. Many of the villla cottages have plunge pools and the whole place has a very natural feel with wood being the main building material. There is a dive organisation and shop on the beach which is recommended. The beach is very natural and popular with the tourist boats that drop people off for snorkelling for 20 minutes. However, they do go away again!. Local Rastas sell their wares on the beach and are friendly, particularly if they know you are staying on the island and not "just visiting" for one day.

The staff at Ti Kaye are very professional and friendly. All are brilliant but special mention must go to Teresa, Sandy, Cleus and Pilgrim and the girls on the front desk for their undending patience with us and our requirements!


This resort is under new management and some changes are being made. Various people are reporting on "Trip Advisor" with regards to this so please look there for updated information from guests.

Our new best friend Pilgrim at Ti Kaye Roro viewed from Ti Kaye's pool


For further information Ti Kaye's website is as follows:

Ti Kaye is known for its relaxing atmosphere and great food. I really enjoyed my second visit this year. It books up early.


Belose is the view of the Pitons from one of the Sun Sancturary rooms. I was lucky enough to stay here for one night in one of the "Sun Sanctuarys" and it was amazing. Please click on the photo for a link to a webpage on Jade Mountain.

Sun Sanctuary at Jade Mountain Outside showing edge of Jade mountain club View from infinity pool Sun Sanctuary


In the South of the island, Crystals Guest House offers a very rural local experience and is highly recommended on Trip Advisor. More suited for the adventurous traveller who wants some comfort and a base for exploring the area. I have not yet stayed there.


St Lucia is a wonderful island with very varied and beautiful scenery. The people are, on the whole, welcoming and proud of the island. In Castries and along some of the beach areas you will find the bead sellers -  Rastas selling just about anything etc. If you are not interested a polite "no" will usually be enough!

The Atlantic coast line is rugged and the Caribbean coastline calm with most of the built-up area being in the North. Snorkelling and Scubadiving is best at the south of the island although transport by boat from the North is easy and quick. If you are visiting via a cruise ship there are many fast boats that operate from Castries that can take you to the south.

There is a lot of new development on the Atlantic side so check with resorts before you go about construction on or near the resort. Most resorts have had some sort of construction going on from January 2006 to present.

As this is a volcanic island do not expect the turquoise blue seas and white sand of islands such as Antigua and Barbados. The natural sand colour is grey/yellow. The sea is a deep blue but very clear and good for snorkelling and diving, particularly in the South.

Food is good and there are plenty of reasonably priced restaurants to choose from. Stall vendors also sell flying fish, chicken, floats (a form of puffed fried bread) Lobster is vary good and available during the season. The tap water is generally safe to drink but most tourists prefer to buy the local bottled Spring Water. Unfortunately during my last visit it was not possible to get fresh milk on the island from Beausejour Milk Dairies. Shame!

Getting around the island can be done via taxi, jeep or local minibus. Taxis have their prices set by the Government but can be quite expensive for short trips. Most taxi drivers will negotiate a price for a day-tour of the island and these usually represent good value and are fun. Most drivers have undergone a training regime in driving as the roads are quite windy and steep. The drivers usually have a good knowledge of the island and will often stop to point out types of flora and fauna etc.

Hiring a jeep is easy - you do need to bring your driving licence. Driving is on the left - although this can be arbitary! The roads, particulary off the beaten track are potholed and can be steep and difficult to negotiate in rain. Make sure you get a 4WD!

Minibuses are cheap, crowded and fun. The standard of driving can vary quite widely. Some routes link the North to the South but stop frequently so can take time to get to the destination. Most minibuses are picked up from the main roads so, if as in the case of Windjammer Landing, you may have a walk of a mile to get to the busstop! The driving can be a bit crazy sometimes......

For a text review of Windjammer Landing CLICK HERE. This page also links through to more pictures of the resort.

Rodney Bay and other Nightlife
Rodney Bay which has a brilliant selection of restaurants ranging from Chinese, Indian, thai, Italian and Caribbean. There is a good pizza restaurant (Capones) for the kids with a more sophisticated Italian restaurant attached. The Prawn Jambayla is particularly good. Rodney Bay also has two pubs/restaurants which serve local food , cheap beer and have good evening entertainment. "the Triangle" and "the Lime". Diamond Steel, Emerald Steel and Allegro Pan Groove (an all-girl steel band) are worth hearing The rumour regarding Allegro Pan Groove is that they have been personally trained by Diamond Steel members! The Triangle Pub also has Kareoke nights with standards varying from the sublime to absolutely awful! Tourists are encouraged to join in. All sorts of people visit the Triangle so the atmosphere is always good. This area can also attract some petty criminals, particularly in the high season when there are lots of tourists. Most will bum drinks off you so be aware. Recently the Triangle and the Lime have been running entertainment towards the latter half of the week only. This is due to the economic downturn and Lucians not spending their money until nearer payday. Therefore Monday-Wednesday is fairly quiet and things liven up Thursday-Saturday.

Street Party/Jump Up at Gros Islet

Held on Friday nights. Great fun, cheap food and beer and VERY VERY LOUD! Mix of locals, tourists and lowlife. Take care, do not wear jewellery, stick to the main streets and you should have a good time. It is a good idea to arrange a time and place for your taxi driver to pick you up. Things get going with dancing etc after about 10:30pm. Local rastas will grab the girls for a dance and the place rocks. After midnight things get very lively (and can get a bit rough). Be aware that the street has huge drainage ditches which are easy to trip over, fall into - especially after a lively dance and one too many Pitons!!!

Piton Beer and Denrose Rum

Piton Beer is locally made and very good. Sold everywhere. Denrose Rum is very strong!




For those of you to whom FOOD is important check out my restaurant reviews. I have only mentioned 3 that I particularly like. There are others!

To take a trip round the island by jeep and cataraman try Jungle Tours. I have put pictures of a tour and a brief description here.

For those of you who like ART. Check out this site which links through to the artwork of Llewellyn Xavier, St Lucia's leading artist.


The ST LUCIA TOURIST BOARD has recently updated its website. Click HERE for further information.


Views of the villa we stayed in at Windjammer landing  - Garden and Plunge pool


A group of pictures showing various aspects of the villa


Marquis Plantation Visit

The River

The Atlantic Coast


Cooking in a Coalpot


Local Flora and Fauna including the infamous Carib Grackle!
A picture of a Carib Grackle will follow as soon as I can get one to keep still long enough to take a photograph!!! Flamboyant Tree

View from Ladera resort

Lucian Dancing!

View from Ladera Resort Lucian Dancing!

Hat making

Hat Making  

St Lucia Tourist Board.

CLICK HERE for a direct link to their site.

Bonnet Peppers

For a lot of information on these check out this site!

Updated January 2008

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