Personal Summary

Hi! My name is Amin Merati. I am a highly motivated researcher and software engineer in the area of Statistical Data Analysis and Machine Learning with excellent problem solving and programming skills, having completed a PhD in Computer Science at the Centre for Vision, Speech and Signal Processing (CVSSP) of University of Surrey with the topic "Multi-Modal Biometric Authentication with Cohort-Based Normalization". My interests include Multimodal Biometric Fusion, Score Level Cohort Normalization and Fusion, Machine Learning, Statistical Data Analysis, Signal Processing, and Pattern Recognition. I am highly skilled in MATLAB and C/C++ for simulating and implementing data analysis and machine learning algorithms. I have done my Bachelor and Masters in Electronics Engineering and Digital Communication at Sharif University of Technology. I have 8 years industrial experience in four companies (Scientific Green, Tivanic, Hoda Systems and Ipsotek Ltd) in the area of machine learning and pattern recognition, Signal processing and Data Analysis. During my PhD, I used Statistical Data Analysis Methods to develop novel machine learning-based post-processing techniques to improve the performance of multi-modal biometric systems using the face and fingerprint modalities. These techniques can improve the performance up to 80%. I am a keen learner of new technologies, a valuable team member with project management and excellent communication skills. My skills make me an ideal candidate for a challenging role in an ambitious and thriving company or research institute.

List of Publications

PhD Thesis

"Multi-Modal Biometric Authentication with Cohort-Based Normalization" [pdf]


10 February 2013