Professor Ahmet Kondoz


Professor Kondoz joined the University of Surrey as a PhD. student in October 1984 and completed his PhD in 1987. From 1986 to 1988 he was employed as a research fellow in the communications group. He became a lecturer in 1988, reader in 1995 and in 1996 he was promoted to professor in multimedia communication systems. He took part in the formation of Centre for Communication Systems Research (CCSR) and led the multimedia communication activities within CCSR. Currently he is the founding head of I-LAB a multi-disciplinary media research lab at the University of Surrey.

His current research interests are in the area of digital signal, image/video, speech/audio processing and coding, wireless multimedia communications, error resilient media transmission, immersive/virtual/augmented environments, and the related human factors issues including human computer interaction/interface, and measurement of Quality of Experience (QoE) of the new 3D media applications etc..

He has over 350 publications, including three books, several book chapters, and seven patents. He has graduated more than 50 Ph.D. students in the areas of speech/image processing and wireless multimedia communications, and has been a consultant for major wireless media terminal developers and manufacturers.

Prof. Kondoz has been involved with several EU projects and currently he is the coordinator of FP6 NoE VISNET II. He co-chaired the EU Networked Media Task Force and contributed to Future Media and 3D Internet activities to support the commission in the FP7 programmes. He has been awarded several prizes the most significant of which are the Royal Television Societies’ Communications Innovation Award and the IEE Benefactors Premium Award.

Professor Kondoz has been involved in ETSI, ITU, INMARSAT and NATO standardizations. He is the managing director of MulSys Limited, a UniS spin-out company marketing world’s first secure voice product over the GSM voice channel which has been pioneered by Professor Kondoz’s team in the I-Lab.
June 2009